• Questions about EVAL-ADRF5720


    Regarding EVAL-ADRF5720, I have some questions and I will be grateful if you could help me.

    1. what is the role of 0-ohm resistors? are they placed for disabling the TTL or SPI path? because the jumping role is not defined in PCB.
    2. what is the part…
  • ADRF5720 Eval board

    Hi !

    I am interested in the digital attenuator ADRF5720. 

    I have checked its eval board but the user guide of it is not available.

    Would it be possible to have it ?

    Thank you for your help


  • ADRF5720 single supply

    Hi everyone.

    Can i use ADRF5720 with a single supply (+5V, +3.3V)?

  • ADH939S Max Input Power


    Do you have additional information on the ADH939S digital attenuator?

    The datasheet indicates the maximum input power is 27dBm, but does not mention hot switching or peak input power.

    But I see the datasheets for the ADRF5720 and ADRF5730 does…

  • RE: ADRF5721 and ADRF5731 compatibility of SEROUT pin with SPI Bus connected to multiple devices

    Hi JWM, 

    We have already updated the datasheet for ADRF5720.

    The datasheets for the remaining products (ADRF5730/21/31) are being currently under revision and are going through the internal approval process at the moment. These should be completed shortly…

  • FAQ: Step Error and State Error for a Digital Step Attenuator (DSA)


    For a Digital Step Attenuator (DSA), what is step error and state error?


    Step error: The step error is the error in stepping between consecutive states.

    • For a 0.5dB LSB attenuator in an ideal world (with 0dB step error), the delta between any…
  • RE: Can the HMC624A be used down to 10MHz with appropriate AGCx caps?

    Hi Laudio,

    Have you looked at HMC424ALP3E? The P0.1dB does also degrades at lower frequencies. But does that work for you?

    What is your switching speed and other critical requirements? Could you please provide more details on your application? Please…

  • RE: Can an RF attenuator be used in non RF applications?

    Also, our RF attenuators cannot be operated at true DC frequencies. The lowest frequency supported is 9kHz (ADRF5720) with derated power handling at these frequencies. Please refer to the datasheet. 

    For the HMC parts showing DC min operating frequency…

  • ADI 新品速递(2019 年 5 月)

    ADI 5月新产品上线,想了解的筒子们不要错过!

    0.5 dB LSB6 位硅数字衰减器,9 kHz 40 GHz

    ADRF5720 是一款 6 位数字硅衰减器,以 0.5 dB 步长提供 31.5 dB 的衰减控制范围。该器件的工作频率范围为 9 kHz 至 40 GHz,提供优于 4.5 dB 的插入损耗和出色的衰减精度。在所有状态下,ADRF5720 的 ATTIN 端口具有 27 dBm(平均值)和 30 dBm(峰值)的射频 (RF) 输入功率处理能力。


    • 超宽带频率范围…
  • FAQ: Transitions in Digital Step Attenuators (DSA): Glitch-Free, Safe-State, No-Protection


    What are the differences between glitch free, safe state and no protection transitions in digital step attenuators (DSA)?



    Digital Step Attenuators usually have an array of attenuator stages internally and turning on or off the different stages…