• I want to know phase delay of ADRF5021

    I want to know exact phase of RFC-RF1 & RFC-RF2 because i will connector RF1 and RF2 with other RF lines.

    Connector - RFLINE -RFC - SPDT - RF1 - RFLINE

    When chip is connected like above, i want to know highlighted phase.


  • process technologies ADRF5021

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have checked the wafer fabrication and it state BiCMOS.

    I would like to find out the if ADRF5021 (SPDT) is based on BiCMOS SiGe  fabrication?





  • ADRF5021 - Rise Time

    Hi All,

    I am intending to use ADRF5021 in one of our new designs. I have a 30GHz signal that will be fed to the RFC port, two loads will be connected to RF1 and RF2 and a control logic will switch between the loads.

    The rise and fall time of my signal…

  • ADRF5021 EN pin Internal Pulldown or Pullup Resistor?


    Does the ADRF5021 have any internal pullup or pulldown resistor? 

    I don't see any mention of this in the datasheet, but if I missed it please point it out to me. 

    Want to verify if its ok to leave pin floating (only in case of pulldown resistor…

  • ADRF5021's video feedthrough

    Dear Sir,

    Could you provide specification which is Video feedthrough for ADRF5021?

    Please refer this specification in ADG901 as below


  • Is the highest isolation SPDT RF Switch in 3-6 GHz range the ADRF5021? (65 dB at 5 GHz)

    Needed specs
    Frequency range: 3 - 6 GHz
    Insertion loss < 3 dB
    Isolation RFc to RF1 & RF2 > 60 dB at 3 - 6 GHz
    Switching speed can be very slow, i.e. in the order of seconds.. My application isn't very standard…
  • RE: Enquire on process ADAR1000

    Hello Nick,

    ADRF5021 is SOI.

    Best regards,

  • ADRF5012 input lumped capacitance(s)

    Does anyone know what the lumped capacitance is for the ADRF5021 RFC and RF1/RF2 pins?

    Would be for the shunt and series equivalent input capacitances;   we use dc blocks at the input but

    we're needing to understand the effecr of the ADRF5021 switch on…

  • FAQ: Operating SOI Switches with a Single Supply


    Many of the RF and Microwave SOI switches require dual voltage supplies (VDD and VSS). Which of these may be operated with only a single positive supply (VDD)?



    Certain switches from the SOI portfolio may be operated using only a single positive…

  • 射频开关

    我公司预使用ADI两个开关产品,一组:ADRF5044/ADRF5045 二选一;二组:ADRF5020/ADRF5021二选一;现想咨询一组和二组开关可否级联使用?谢谢