• ADRF5020 Video Feedthrough


    Could ADI please provide data on video feedthrough for PN ADRF5020? Suggestions on mitigating video feedthrough with this part would also be welcome.



  • RE: ADRF5020 RF Switch (ADRF5020BCCZN) on Evaluation Board (ADRF5020-EVALZ) not functioning correctly

    Hi Zwang, sorry for the late reply, it's been a busy week.

    I highly doubt that the device is damaged before you received it since we have already verified it before shipment. Before the above test, did you run any other test? Or the above…
  • adrf5020 impedance


    I just performed SMT assembly on the PCB (have not powered up yet). 

    I probed one of the SW  RF1/RF2/RFC impedance to ground, it is giving a low impedance (1ohm). The remaining SW all have high impedance (~4kohm)

    Is the low impedance of that 1 SW a cause…

  • ADRF5020 insulation problem

    I use ADRF5020 in my project, it is on a PCB which is in a metal
    enclosure. I use
    it because of its very good insulation (>50dB) and fast switching time.
    On the ADRF5020 eval board, insulation
    between RF1 and RC is following the datasheet. On my…
  • VSS of ADRF5020

    Hi all,

         I have encountered the following problems when testing adrf5020 on my board,the source i used with a PAR of 12.7 and i have  increased the input signal until the output of adrf5020  is

    15dBm,After a while,the linearity of 5020 deteriorated and  i…

  • ADRF5020 - isolation problem rf1 to rf2 active state while VSS drop from -2.5V TO -1.8v


    I need your help 

    ADRF5020 - Isolation problem RF1 to RF2 on Active state , drop to 47dB instead of 60 dB(on good unit)  at freq. range 6-10GHz. 

    The other parameters, insertion loss and return loss passed our testing.

    We saw, the VSS  drops from -2…

  • ADRF5020

    I have a problem in ADRF5020 testing. I have set enable pin to ground and Vdd=4.5V, Vss=-2.45V and Ctrl =5V. I have used 1.5kohm resistor in series of CTRL path. My circuit applies Vdd, Vss and Ctrl signals all at the same time and my switch is not performing…

  • ADRF 5044 and ADRF5020 VDD and VSS power sequencing


    The ADRF5044 and ADRF5020 datasheet mention that powering VDD before VSS will avoid current transient on VDD.

    1.Will the reliability of the switch be affected if I am unable to follow the power sequencing. I am powering VSS before VDD

  • RE: ADRF5020 SMT Reflow Profile Document

    ADRF5020 recess

    I didn't see a follow on response to this thread, I too am having problems soldering this device to our pwbs. One thought is the pads are recessed a bit from the soldermask. Being a defense contractor, we run a leaded process SnPn 63/37…

  • RE: Question while testing ADRF5020?


    It looks you use a 2 port network analyzer that is connected to RFC and RF1 ports of ADRF5020. You could have measured unexpected return loss and isolation results, if you didn't terminate RF2 port of ADRF5020 with a 50hom load.