• RE: ADRF5020 RF Switch (ADRF5020BCCZN) on Evaluation Board (ADRF5020-EVALZ) not functioning correctly

    Regarding previous discussion, I recommend connecting EN and CTL to GND at start-up.

    Other than that, transient and steady state supply currents are a lot larger than typical values (Idd= 100 uA and Iss= -1uA). This is a clear indicator of part is damaged…

  • RE: VSS of ADRF5020


    When you got 15dBm at the output of ADRF5020, assuming PAR was still 12.7dB, the output peak power was 15+12.7=27.7dBm. Based on your operating frequency, there is also insertion loss making the input peak power even higher. This might damage the…

  • ADRF5020 insulation problem

    I use ADRF5020 in my project, it is on a PCB which is in a metal
    enclosure. I use
    it because of its very good insulation (>50dB) and fast switching time.
    On the ADRF5020 eval board, insulation
    between RF1 and RC is following the datasheet. On my…
  • ADRF5020

    I have a problem in ADRF5020 testing. I have set enable pin to ground and Vdd=4.5V, Vss=-2.45V and Ctrl =5V. I have used 1.5kohm resistor in series of CTRL path. My circuit applies Vdd, Vss and Ctrl signals all at the same time and my switch is not performing…

  • ADRF5020 IIP2

    Is there IIP2 data available for the ADRF5020?

  • ADRF5020 versus HMC547


    The new ADRF5020 microwave switch looks pretty good and better than the older HMC547 : Which advantage keeps the HMC547 report to the ADRF5020 ? The target application would be a 0.5-18 GHz SPDT with high end performances.

    Thank You

  • ADRF5020 Switching performance vs EN


    I would like to know ADRF5020 switching performance (like Rise and Fall Time, On and Off Time, RF Settling Time) vs EN signal. I didn't find the data in the datasheet. I would be appreciate it if you could help.



  • ADRF5020 &ADRF5026 compatible issues

    Currently we have a new project design in ADRF5020 and will hope ADRF5026 footprint compatible with ADRF5020 after the part release.

    Could you help me to check difference between the ADRF5020 & ADRF5026.

    Pad size & pitch is as same?  

    Thank you…

  • ADRF5020  maximum input power

    Hi All ,


    I'm considering the ADRF5020 in my desgin  


    I wish to understand what is the maximum input power (NO DAMAGE) , when DC is OFF (meaning - when the  power supply to the parts is off )




  • Problem with current consumption of ADRF5020


    I have a trouble using ADRF5020 as simple wideband switch. The problem is extremely large current consumption after ADRF5020 power up. The device layout is shown in the picture.
     I have two grounded sources +5V and -5V. Current consumption for line…