• RE: Transient behavior on first samples of AD7980

    Hi Percy,

    From the AD7980 data sheet:

    When REF is driven by a very low impedance source, for example, a reference buffer using the AD8031 or the ADA4805-1, a ceramic chip capacitor is appropriate for optimum performance. If an unbuffered reference…

  • RE: ada4927-1 adding dc offset onto inverting input to maximize adc range



    Are you talking about the inverting input of fig 48 of the rev A data sheet?

    If so, the circuit simply sees two signals and takes the difference.  It doesn't

    know that one is a DC offset.

    However, I would NOT use an LDO for the offset.

  • RE: Is there a detailed Block diagram for the ADR130 reference voltage?

    Hi Fausto,

    Currently under ADR130 data sheet, I did not find block diagram but there is always an option to create one. Can you please provide what specific details you are looking for within block diagram?

    Below is an example of ADR4525 block diagram…

  • RE: ADuC7061 problem with erasing FLASH and ADC data

    Hi please find bellow drowings:


    Digital side of power supply

    Analog side of power supply

    Power line isolation

    As you can see only +2.5A (power supply for analog circuits) doesen't have  additional decoupler. ADR4525 has…

  • RE: AD680 adding tow capacitor

    Hi, Osamu.

    According to the applications engineer of AD680, ADI does not guarantee the performance of AD680 when a capacitor is connected between the TEMP pin and ground because AD680 was not designed for that purpose.

    As alternative, you may try the…

  • AD4008的设计注意事项



  • RE: Use of TL431 for voltage reference of AD7683


    I would not even consider the TL431 with a 16 bit ADC;  you are just throwing money away.

    The TL431 is a commodity reference, with 50 ppm/C tempco.  So after your temperature

    changes by 10 degrees, you have less than a 14 bit system.   There is a noise…

  • AD7682 无法使用双极性模式

      根据AD7682中文手册,上面写的是支持伪双极性输入,现在工程上,VREF接的是外置ADR4525提供的2.5V,让COM接的是基准2.5V分压后的1.25V,IN0-IN3输入的电压范围是: -1.25 ~ 1.25.


  • RE: 关于AD7989-1BRMZ采样不准确

    1. AD7989-1共模输入范围为VREF × 0.475《VREF × 0.5《 VREF × 0.525, 建议AD8476的VOCM接到VREFx0.5的电平上。

    2. AD7989-1前的RC不要去掉。

    3. AD7989-1参考引脚去耦电容应该为10uF. Reference Input Voltage. The REF range is 2.4 V to 5.1 V. This pin is referred to the GND pin and must…

  • RE: AD74413 internal voltage reference.

    Hi Dmitry,

    thank you for your question.

    Yes, it is possible to use internal reference, the REFIN pin must be tied to the REFOUT pin. Decoupling is also recommended due to noise. (See datasheet for more details www.analog.com/.../AD74413R.pdf)

    Please know…