• As for the reference voltage chip ADR4525, the output fluctuation is relatively large in the first 30min of power-on

    I have removed C11 and replaced C14 with 1uF,There is no obvious heat source around the reference chip.

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  • 关于基准电压芯片ADR4525,上电的前30min,输出波动比较大


  • ADR4525, ADR130

    Hi ,

    I am using ADR4525 as a 2.5 V reference and ADR130 as 1V reference .I understand the maximum junction temperatures of these parts cannot exceed 150C but I intend to test at 175C for few days 

    The input voltage for ADR130 is 2.5V from ADR4525. When…

  • Do I need to put a buffer on the ADR4525 output?


    I will use ADR4525 as a reference source to an ADC, and would like to know whether I need to put an output buffer or not. What should I consider?

    Thanks in advance.


  • ADR4525 可以这样产生-2.5 V电压参考吗?

    ADR4525可以这样用来产生-2.5 v的电压基准吗?


  • RE: AD8321


  • 基准源ADR4550B的带负载问题

    请问用一路ADR4550B(Isc=10mA)分别产生+5V和-5V的基准电压,该两个基准电压后接AD8675的单位增益放大器。产生的VREFPS、VREFPF、VREFNS、VREFNF能否作为16路DAC AD5791的共同基准输入端。   LTSpice无ADR4550的模型,用ADR4525代替仿真。

  • Differential Amplifier for 32-bit ADC

    I am working on an VirtualBench Projects that uses the AD7177-2 32-bit ADC.

    Does anyone know any good amplifiers that wil work well With the 32-bit ADC?

    I am looking at these parts.

    External gain: AD8253

    5.00v ref: ADR4550

    2.50v ref: ADR4525


  • RE: LTC2656 output noise sources

    Right now the design uses the REF5025 for its initial tolerance and DC stability, but its 1/f noise is actually pretty bad (comparable to the LTC2656's internal reference) so I'm considering either the LTC6655-2.5 or ADR4525 for their low noise esp. at…