• ADR445的输出为5.9V左右?


    我用ADR445做5V的参考基准,它的电路是按照数据手册提供的基本电路画的,输入端两个去耦电容(10uF 和0.1uF),输出端一个0.1uF电容。输入是电池提供的9V(实测8V到9V间),但是输出是5.9V左右,这与标定的5V输出相差太远了我的芯片是申请的样片,两片我都试过,都是这个输出。我也是试过用12V的线性电源,输出也是5.9V左右


  • ADR445 Trim Pin Voltage range and design

    Can I get a more detailed schematic/ design description focusing on the TRIM pin and it's interaction with the output?

    I'm looking at driving the TRIM pin with an Op-Amp and would like to get a better understanding of acceptable voltage ranges…

  • 请问ADR445输出怎么是5.9V左右,ADR441输出怎是3.6V左右?




  • 请问ADR445 输出5V-7V的锯齿波是哪里有问题呢


  • RE: AD5791使用问题


  • RE: AD5791 SDZ

    Hi latifa,

    position A is the configuration of JP1 link on the ADR445 reference board.

  • Comment on ADR445 User Trim Model LTSpice

    I found LT1021-5 model in LTSpice with similar functionality to ADR445, although I'm not sure how closely they may be design-wise internally. With this model simulation results are very close to what I measure on the board.

  • RE: hi  I am using AD5791 with control word "000000000000000000000100" . I Get  2 mV at LSB. Is that correct ? Is my control word setting is correct?


    LT1002 is an operational amplifier. Can you please clarify how you used this as the reference? what is your input to the amplifier? could send the connections you've made?

    You could refer to the AD5791 board user guide for different reference…

  • Universal Definition for "No Connect" or "NC"?

    I am currrently working with the AD8624 and ADR445, but I would like to know if the answer to this question is the same for all Analog Devices products.  If a pin is labeled "NC" or "No Connect", does that mean it has no internal connection, and it could…