• ADR441 - Additional Noise Data Requested

       Good morning.  I have a customer currently using the ADR421 as a voltage reference in multiple projects.  The spec on this part indicates 1/F noise of 1.75uV and noise of 80nV/√Hz @1KHz.  The noise graph shows that about same noise is present in the bandwidth…

  • 请问ADR445输出怎么是5.9V左右,ADR441输出怎是3.6V左右?




  • 请问ADC的低噪声基准电压ADR441的TRIM脚可以悬空吗?


  • About reference for  AD7176-2

    Hi there,

    I have questions about AD7176-2.

    According to the datasheet, there are some recommended external reference like ADR441.

    #1,Do you think it's fine to use one piece of ADR441 for two or three pieces of AD7176-2?

    #2,About the current load…

  • RE: Tailoring the AD7173-8 ADC input range

    Hi James,

        The ADR441 has a voltage noise of 1.2uVp-p and a 48nv/rtHz of voltage noise density. The AD7173-8 has an available internal buffer for the internal reference. Using a resistor divider to have a 1.1V to ADC Ref pin maybe suitable, since the…

  • RE: ADR421- Can the IC clamp current or sink current at its output.

    Hi Kiranlal,

    You can also use ADR441 and ADR431, this has the MSOP package option and still pin to pin compatible with ADR421.



  • 关于ADR4525


  • Comment on ADR445 User Trim Model LTSpice

    Hello. Just wandering - how accurate this model is? My simulation results are quite a bit different from what I see with the actual part on my board. Also, is the similar model available for the 2.5V version (ADR441)? Thanks! 

  • RE: 这11大应用领域,你在里面么?


  • RE: Internal ADC reference selection

    on customer board, there usually will be no jumpers to allow connect the external reference to the VREF0/1 pins mannually, so there is a conflict:

    1) after power up, it is configured to be internal reference by default.

    2) while the board is expected…