• ADR435 Spice model


    I need spice model of the ADR435 voltage reference IC. 

    I mainly required it to simulate the effect of RC network on the COMP pin. 

    Could you please provide me the Spice model for this part.



  • RE: When the ADR435 input voltage less then 7.0V

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    Thank you,
  • ADR435 Short-Circuit

    Dear Analog Devices


    I am reading the datasheet and just wanted to be 100% sure that do I understand the "Indefinite" correctly?

    Do I understand correctly that the ADR435 won’t be damaged if the output is shorted to GND?



  • Cumulative Error calculation for a voltage reference - ADR435


    I am using ADR435 as a reference for a 18 Bit ADC(AD7631). The specification demands a detailed calculation of error introduced by the reference. I have done the error analysis in following way. Please confirm that the calculations are correct and…

  • CN0032电路笔记中,ADA4941-1可否用+9V和-5V供电,并且ADR435也为+9V供电


    电路笔记中写道。“只要ADA4941-1上的绝对最大值总电源电压不超过12 V,并且满足ADR435的裕量要求,则也可以使用其它电压。”


  • RE: AD7685

    Hi Andrew,

    A few things here:

    First off, I see the ADR421 is used to provide the REF pin voltage for the AD7685, but what is the ADR435 you mentioned used for? Is that what you're using to drive the AD7685 IN+ input? And how are you conditioning the ADR435…

  • AD7986 External reference (Vref) typo? and connection queries

    using the AD7986 with an external reference configuration (with a +5V
    ADR435 ref) with PDREF=high and REFIN=low.

    first question is : how you connect my external reference buffer (AD8031) ?
    The REF pin and the BVDD pin should be connected together…

  • RE: Noise reduction for negative reference

    Dear Harry,

    the ADR435 has 0,1-10Hz noise of 4uV compared to 8uV of the ADR435- but with only 5V output, so I have to amplify twice as much (also the noise). The ADR noise density of abt. 60 uV/sqrt(Hz) @ 100Hz to me also appears worse than the 100uV…

  • RE: ADAS3022 Recommended Circuit Help

    Hi codigwe,

    Seems you follow the recommended setting for the reference circuit.It should be able to power the ADR435 with a  +15V supply. . Aside from ADAS3022 and ADR435 what other components connected to this? it draw current if the total impedance excess…

  • Adjusting AD620 Reference pin with AD7391 or a potentiometer

    Hi all,

    I have a problem with setting a reference voltage of AD620. When I use a potentiometer my analog voltage output of signal conditioning circuit has less noise. I can not figure it out why using AD7391 cause this problem.

    I am using same pcb to…