• ADR435 Spice model


    I need spice model of the ADR435 voltage reference IC. 

    I mainly required it to simulate the effect of RC network on the COMP pin. 

    Could you please provide me the Spice model for this part.



  • ADR435 Short-Circuit

    Dear Analog Devices


    I am reading the datasheet and just wanted to be 100% sure that do I understand the "Indefinite" correctly?

    Do I understand correctly that the ADR435 won’t be damaged if the output is shorted to GND?



  • RE: ADAS3022 Recommended Circuit Help

    Hi codigwe,

    Seems you follow the recommended setting for the reference circuit.It should be able to power the ADR435 with a  +15V supply. . Aside from ADAS3022 and ADR435 what other components connected to this? it draw current if the total impedance excess…

  • RE: AD7689


    The ADC d.s. says 100 nF on the REFIN pin.

    Also, I would use the series R-C on the ADR435 comp pin.


  • RE: 专家好,在ADC转化中需要正负2.5的基准电压源!


  • RE: Noise reduction for negative reference

    Dear Harry,

    the ADR435 has 0,1-10Hz noise of 4uV compared to 8uV of the ADR435- but with only 5V output, so I have to amplify twice as much (also the noise). The ADR noise density of abt. 60 uV/sqrt(Hz) @ 100Hz to me also appears worse than the 100uV…

  • RE: AD620, digitally adjusted reference pin

    Hi DC,

    For the reference IC, I would recommend ADR435 which has an output voltage of 5V, output accuracy of +/- 2mV (B grade) and a temperature coefficient of 3ppm/C. It has a wide operating range (7V to 18V) and would suit your design perfectly as you…

  • RE: 这11大应用领域,你在里面么?

    能源领域,ADC芯片AD7980  AD7694 ,基准芯片ADR435,AD的op07 op 27 op227 op2227

  • RE: When the ADR435 input voltage less then 7.0V

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  • Cumulative Error calculation for a voltage reference - ADR435


    I am using ADR435 as a reference for a 18 Bit ADC(AD7631). The specification demands a detailed calculation of error introduced by the reference. I have done the error analysis in following way. Please confirm that the calculations are correct and…