• RE: 专家好,在ADC转化中需要正负2.5的基准电压源!



  • AD7982: Driving the reference input

    I am currently designing a circuit that uses a pulSAR ADC, specifically the
    AD7982, and am having difficulties understanding the choice of components
    required for driving the reference pin.

    The data sheet for the device recommends using a buffer…

  • AD5724AREZ Output Voltage Issue

    I am working with an AD5724 DAC in the following circuit.  I have verified the outputs to the DAC by use of an oscilloscope -- SYNC, MOSI and SCK are operating as specified in the datasheet.  I can send data to the DAC and get the output values of the DAC…

  • RE: AD680 adding tow capacitor



      Why do you want to design with a part that came out in 1991, when there are more than a dozen other 2.5V references?  Look at the ADR431 that came out in 2004.  Lower noise, better specs,  Has a comp pin that

    few other refs have.  See pages…

  • RE: AD7966 external reference input

    Hi pedicularis,

    Yes, the AD7699 REFIN input min/max range is 0.5V to (VDD-0.2)V using an external reference, so the reference buffer can still be used with the 4.5V reference such as ADR431.



  • ADL5902 - Aging question: 0.8dB drift within 4 months.


    We observe in our system about 0.8 dB (30mV) drift in power within 4 months.

    We suspect that the failure is due to ADL5902.

    At the input of the ADL5902 is a 15dB attenuator and at the output, ADC AD7791 is connected with reference of 2.5V from…

  • RE: wrong conversion with AD7691

    Hi Jonathan,

    we try to connect the ADR431 directly to Ref pin but nothing change...

    Could be that the AD7691 doesn't receive the start of convertion and when the fpga ask for reading it gives the same code of the last conversion? But this is strange…

  • RE: AD7190 Voltage Reference

    Hi Johnny,

    Thank you very much for the response.  In some applications, I won't be using an ADR431 type reference, so for the input impedance, I am interested in the frequency dependent nature.  The data sheet mentions that the input impedance is dynamic…

  • RE: AD7691 Pulsar Differential ADC Common Mode Input Spec

    Hi Shane,

    The reference must be capable of supplying the average current needed to top up the reference capacitor without causing the reference voltage to droop significantly. Insufficient drive strength is an issue, especially if low-power references…

  • RE: We have evaluated the AD719x chip....  Now What's Next......

    Hi DonWarr,

    It is possible to use the part to monitor lab grade power supplies as long as the analog input voltage limits of the part are satisfied. The analog input voltage  is restricted to a range between AGND – 50 mV and AVDD + 50 mV in unbuffered…