• AD使用的高精度基准源问题 ADR431



    ADR431                                精度+/-0.04%  ,温度系数:1,噪声3.5

    高精密电阻                          精度+/-0.02%,温度系数: 5,电源的噪声20,


  • ADR431BRMZ, error in package type of datasheet order guide

    I notice for ADR431BRMZ that the datasheet says the package for this part
    should be an 8-pin SOIC_N, but the website says it’s an 8-pin MSOP.


    There is a mistake in the datasheet order guide for ADR431BRMZ-R7.

    The part number ADR431 B RM Z -…

  • RE: AD719x reference buffer amplifier?

    Hi Oliver,

         When using the ADR431 as reference to the AD7190, it is okay not to use buffer as the ADR431 is able to drive the AD7190 as the average current in the reference is about 7uA/V. Now when not using the ADR431, it can be consider to use buffer…

  • RE: 专家好,在ADC转化中需要正负2.5的基准电压源!



  • RE: ADR421- Can the IC clamp current or sink current at its output.

    Hi Kiranlal,

    You can also use ADR441 and ADR431, this has the MSOP package option and still pin to pin compatible with ADR421.



  • RE: AD7966 external reference input

    Hi pedicularis,

    Yes, the AD7699 REFIN input min/max range is 0.5V to (VDD-0.2)V using an external reference, so the reference buffer can still be used with the 4.5V reference such as ADR431.



  • RE: AD7655 return's 0xffff

    Hi Braddis,

       The AD7655 typical Vref at 2.5V, the 0xFFFF full scale output should be when analog input voltage is 5V.  May I ask what reference are you using? The AD7655 datasheet recommends voltage reference like AD780, ADR421 and ADR431. These references…

  • RE: AD680 adding tow capacitor



      Why do you want to design with a part that came out in 1991, when there are more than a dozen other 2.5V references?  Look at the ADR431 that came out in 2004.  Lower noise, better specs,  Has a comp pin that

    few other refs have.  See pages…

  • RE: ADR435 Spice model

    Hi Manish,

    We don't have any ADR435 SPICE Model for now. 

    For reference on the effect of the RC network on the COMP pin, please refer to Page 17 of the Datasheet. This shows the ADR431 but the Voltage Noise Density is proportional to its voltage option…

  • RE: wrong conversion with AD7691

    Hi Jonathan,

    we try to connect the ADR431 directly to Ref pin but nothing change...

    Could be that the AD7691 doesn't receive the start of convertion and when the fpga ask for reading it gives the same code of the last conversion? But this is strange…