• RE: ADR425 trim circuit is unclear

    Hi Abby,

    Selecting resistor R2 and potentiometer Rp depends on VOUT trim target. I have designed ADR425 user trim model which can be used to determine value of R2 and Rp based on desired VOUT. For examples, selecting R2=98.5k and Rp=7.5k trims output range…

  • RE: ADR425BR: Dropout Voltage Information

    Hi Harsh,

    ADR425 data-sheet page 13 figure 22 shows Load Current Vs Differential Voltage (Vin- Vout) plot. Please note based on ADR425  load regulation specification, ADR425 can only source up to 10mA.

    If requirement for VREF is to source 20mA and support…

  • ADR425 trim circuit is unclear

    The datasheet (Fig 40, pg 18) is unclear as to the values for R2 and Rp. Are they the same value?

  • RE: Connection of AD5317R and external reference


    You can use switch to avoid the two references being connected to the pin at the same time. I advise you to use a switch that will provide minimal drop when "on" . And if the AD5317R is the only load for the ADR425, then it is best to connect the…

  • 【CN0151】利用DAC、运算放大器和MOSFET构建可编程电流源




        本文介绍三种利用DAC、运算放大器和MOSFET 晶体管构建支持串行接口数字控制的电流源。

  • RE: ADR421. Regulator voltage output  is the out of specification under some conditions

    The TRIM input must be left floating if it is not being used to trim the output. It should not be connected to ground.

    The ADR421 has a 2.5V output at 25'C, with a temperature coefficient limit of 10ppm/'C (or 25uV/'C). So, for an increase to 85'C (a…

  • ADR425B Solder Heat Shift

    Question is regarding the Electrical Specifications of the ADR425B (b-grade).

    The initial Accuracy of 0.04% (2mV) has a note "initial accuracy does not
    include shift due to solder heat effect"

    This 'solder heat effect shift' is not specified…

  • RE: Precision pt100/RTD circuit?

    Hi Chris, thanks for your quick reply.

    I've sketched out something in NI Multisim:



    500uA Howland current-source with a ADR425 or similar reference. Could maybe use a matched resistor…

  • ADXRS622输出有20-30mv 的纹波

    ADXRS622我使用TI公司的ADS3819500khz 的采样率,使用ADR425做基准稳压,发现没有接通ADXRS622输出管脚时,采样零电平是只有1LSB的漂移,采样5V,和3.3V都只有几个lSB的电平,这个说明我ADC是正常工作的,但是在接通ADXRS622的输出管脚后,发现有300LSB的漂移,这个直接导致了测量有2-3度的漂移,这个漂移我想是不能忍受的吧。