• ADR421 VIN Range


    For the ADR421 device, what is the minimum voltage for the VIN input? 

    In our design, we are planning to use it for the  VIN=5V and VOUT=2.5V.

    However, our input voltage may degrade and becomes between the 4.75V and 4.925V. For the voltage VIN=4…

  • ADR421 output voltage hysteresis specification

    My application has a temperature range of 0°C to 45°C. Is it possible for me to calculate (or approximate) the ADR421 output voltage hysteresis for this temperature range ?


  • ADR421 long term drift graph data

    I did not see the graph of long term voltage output drift in the datasheet for the ADR421.

    Is this something you can provide ?


  • ADR421 and ADP7104ARDZ-50 schematics and PCB files (Altium Designer)

    Hi everyone,

    I'm presently designing a new Board with the simultaneous sampling A/D converters AD7606-8. Thanks to Analog Devices, I have AD7606 schematic and PCB file, but I'm missing me some devices for my design project (working with Altium Designer…

  • ADR421- Can the IC clamp current or sink current at its output.


    Can I use this IC as reference for a clamping circuit. Would it be able to sink or clamp any amount of current even if its a small percentage of



    Kindly advise me on the same.

  • ADR421. Regulator voltage output  is the out of specification under some conditions

    Regulator voltage output  is the out of specification under some conditions. Is it posible  what regulator can sets the output voltage to 5,5V if input voltage is 12V and about 4,2 if input is 8V while temperature of enviroment is 85C?

    Also, the TRIM…

  • ADR421ADR510_transistor count

    One of our customers need to know the transistor count for ADR510 and ADR421 in
    order to complete a reliability analysis.


    ADR510: 12 transistors
    ADR421: 57 transistors
  • RE: AD7685

    See the first few pixels. I get a large swing of more than 100 counts. If the ADR421 Vref is too slow to respond and cap too far, I suspect few counts, not in the magnitude of 100. I don't have the cap right next to REF pin on the ADC. I put several…

  • ADR441 - Additional Noise Data Requested

       Good morning.  I have a customer currently using the ADR421 as a voltage reference in multiple projects.  The spec on this part indicates 1/F noise of 1.75uV and noise of 80nV/√Hz @1KHz.  The noise graph shows that about same noise is present in the bandwidth…

  • Reference ADS421 long-term stability


    I am studying ADR421 datasheet and thinking if different package (MSOP and SOIC) IC will have the same long-term stability (50 ppm/1000 hours).

    On ADR421 datasheet, is "Long-term stability: 50 ppm/1000 hours" guaranteed for both MSOP and SOIC…