• RE: AD7490 Sampling Rate & Artifacts

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    Thanks for the response. We're using the ADR3425 for REFIN. Please see the attached image. Just a note about the schematic: the AAFx components are hierarchical blocks containing a programmable filter circuit.

  • RE: ADR3412 voltage reference

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    Here is the answer I got "We only have a spice model for the ADR3425 (the 2.5V output version of this family). It is used as an example
    of behavior. Other voltages behave similarly." The spice models are available at:

    SPICE Models…

  • RE: CN0287 accuracy analysis

    Hello Suresha NS

    You did a really good job and I learned a lot from your accuracy analysis document.

    I made some comments in the attached document for your reference.

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  • RE: AD719x reference buffer amplifier?



    Why do you say the reference input draws high peak currents?  I didn't see that in the d.s. and it's

    a sigma-delta, not a SAR??

    The eval board uses an ADR421, so that or an ADR43x should be fine.  I like the 43x family

    because you can…

  • RE: Use of TL431 for voltage reference of AD7683


    I would not even consider the TL431 with a 16 bit ADC;  you are just throwing money away.

    The TL431 is a commodity reference, with 50 ppm/C tempco.  So after your temperature

    changes by 10 degrees, you have less than a 14 bit system.   There is a noise…

  • RE: REF192 dropout



      Fig 19 is for the REF195, which is similar to the REF192.  If you look at fig. 20 in the d.s.,

    the pass element is a PNP, so Vce(sat) is probably less than 0.3V, so you should not have

    any problem.  However, why use the REF192, which is more than…

  • AD7192输出数据错误


  • RE: AD623 output need operation time for stable output?



    What are the red and blue traces?  Which 623??  top or bottom?

    Everything has a tempco.  If you want very stable operation, you need to use resistors that are 5-10ppm/C tempco,

    and get rid of the junk op amp, LM2904.  Do not use a dual.  You did…

  • RE: AD7734: reference voltage other than 2.5V (ratiometric sensor)



      I meant to add a cap, say 1uF-100uF across the lower resistor.  This will give you low impedance at

    higher frequencies.  If you use 1k/1k, you have an RC lowpass from the 5V supply, so millivolts of noise

    gets filtered.  The cap doesn't do…

  • ADR3450, increase output capability

    Hello friends,

    I need around 15-20mA stable 5.000V reference for powering A1301, a ratiometric hall sensor. Since the project has low budget, I choose ADR3450 and plan to increase output capability with something similar that shown in datasheet: