• RE: ADR3412 voltage reference


    Does a spice model for the ADR3412 exist then??

  • RE: CN0357 Board with biased gas sensor (NH3-B1)

    Hi RGERALDO386,

    The current circuit has the working electrode biased at 1.2V provided by the voltage reference ADR3412.

    The easiest way to provide a 200mV is to remove ADR3412 and provide an external reference in its place. But do take note that changing…

  • adr3412后面的后缀ARE、REEl、REEl7代表仕么意思?


  • RE: ADE7816 Reference Voltage

    Hi Tim-S,

    I haven't heard of anyone doing this before but It shouldn't be an issue to use one ADR3412 as the reference for three ADE7816's. It is important to note the ripple rejection ratio of the ADR3412 because any instability in the supply for the…

  • RE: ADUCM360 内部基准的温飘的问题!


  • ADR3412输出电压波动



  • AD9834 - How to improve the accuracy and temperature stability

    AD9834 - Is there any way to improve the accuracy and temperature stability of the output amplitude?

    The internal voltage reference have an output impedance of 1kOhm, so could it work to connect a precision voltage reference such as ADR3412 to the REFOUT…

  • RE: AD9786内部电压基准的问题

    您好,基准电压跳动可能与电路板上供电,地的噪声相关。可以使用外部参考,用External Reference Mode。您可以看看参考芯片ADR3412

  • RE: ADR280 .1 - 10hz voltage noise

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for your interest in ADI products. ADR280 is no longer recommended for new designs. We suggest you use the newer ADR3412, micro-power, high-accuracy 1.2V series-low dropout voltage reference. It's low frequency noise (0.1-10Hz…

  • RE: CN0287 accuracy analysis

    Hello Willie,

    Thanks a lot from your comments.

    Regarding your comments ,

    • For RTD, as per your suggestion we will configure ADC for unipolar input. This will result in better accuracy.
    • In thermocouple voltage reference (ADR3425), I had taken…