• ADR4525, ADR130

    Hi ,

    I am using ADR4525 as a 2.5 V reference and ADR130 as 1V reference .I understand the maximum junction temperatures of these parts cannot exceed 150C but I intend to test at 175C for few days 

    The input voltage for ADR130 is 2.5V from ADR4525. When…

  • ADR130 reference


    I am thinking of using the ADR130 reference. It can supply either 1V or 0.5V depending on how the SET pin is connected (VCC or GND). My application needs 1V sometimes and 0.5V other times. Would it be possible to use an analog mux to connect the SET…

  • ADR130输出为零伏??






  • Is there a detailed Block diagram for the ADR130 reference voltage?

    Is there a detailed Block diagram for the ADR130 reference voltage?

    Please email me a copy

    Thank you

    Fausto Bartra


  • RE: Problem with external VREF AD9629

    Hi CrazyFrog,

    Sorry, I too do not know what is happening.

    Is VREF_ADC right at 0V or is it a little above 0V? Does it seem like the ADR130 is trying to drive 1V.

    Another way to ask, does it seem like the ADR130 is off, or does it seem like the load…

  • RE: About AD9231 Reference


    Thank you for your answer in ADR4520 and thank you for the suggestion of ADR130.

    I suggested ADR130 for my customer.

    Thnak you.


  • RE: About voltage reference of AD9236

    Hi Diverger,

    Have you considered the ADR130?


  • ADP124 passing 4.5V to output

    I've run into a strange problem with an ADP124 3.3V regulator.  I have a design that has a 5V rail that is used to power the ADP124 regulator as well as an ADR130 1V Reference.  The output of the ADR130 is sent to a MAX5482 Digital pot.  The wiper of…

  • RE: AD9208 Vref pin

    It is a high impedance input.  We recommend using the ADR130 as an external reference to drive the VREF pin.  That part can drive 4mA  to -2mA.  

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