• ADR02 spice model

    kindly provide ADR02 spice model

  • ADR02 - reverse voltage protection


    does the ADR02 have reverse voltage protection? To what level? I couldn't find anything on the datasheet.

    Thank you.

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  • Internal Circuit of ADR02 Trim Pin


    I want to use an 8-bit trim DAC with an operation amplifier to trim the ADR02 output voltage. Therefore, I need the value of R5, R6, R20, and VBG in the following figure. Can someone provide these numbers?


  • ICE Model for ADR01, ADR02 & ADR03

    The models are not available. Can you provide the same

  • ADR02初始精度问题


  • How to get a 4.5V reference voltage from ADR02?


    I saw in the datasheet of ADR02 that if we add a 10K pot at the trim pin, we can get 4.95V to 5.02V, but how can I extend the range down to 4.5V?



  • RE: EVAL AD7841 page 4 Circuit Schematic

    The ADR02 normally gives a +5V output. Using it with the OP1177 as on the evaluation board generates a -5V reference voltage.

    Because the non-inverting pin of the OP1177 is at ground, the inverting pin will also be 0V. The ADR02 will generate +5V between…

  • Vdd2(Secondary side) question for ADuM1300 CN0064

    Dear Sir /Madam,


    Can we use your ADR02 as VDD2 of ADuM1300 due CN0064 reference circuit?

    Our customer choiced your ADuM1300 and AD5324,so he is studying now about VDD2.

    Your CN0064 show to use ADR02 Vref as power device.

    Bur your DAC on…

  • RE: Wiring examples for AD7524

    Hi matses51,

    The following figure shows a circuit to obtain positive output voltage.

    For an output voltage range of 0V to 5V, the ADR02 precision voltage reference could be a good option here, combined with the AD8065 op amp as the ouput buffer.

  • RE: Help on using ADR02AUJZ

    Hi. The ADR02 should be giving a 5V output under the conditions you have.

    You should have the input on pin 3, the output on pin 4, and ground on pin 2.

    Please check that you truly do have pin 2 grounded and that you are measuring the output voltage…