• Recommended PWB trace layout for ADR01

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Do you have the recommended trace layout PWB for ADR01?

    There was not evalboard for ADR01.

    Otherwise do yo have the good technical document board design tips for voltage-reference?

    Thanks Kaos

  • ADR01 reference's output long-term drift calculation

    Can I get the equation for an estimation of a reference’s output long-term
    drift for periods longer than 1000 hours?


    Here is the equation for an estimation of a reference’s output long-term drift
    for periods longer than 1000 hours.…
  • ICE Model for ADR01, ADR02 & ADR03

    The models are not available. Can you provide the same

  • Precision negative voltage reference


    In my project, which is a precision DAC source based on the AD5791 DAC, i needed +10V and -10V precision references. the +10V precision reference was generated using the ADR01 precision reference part, and i used an application circuit given in the…

  • RE: AD5791: Bad results for linearity measurement

    Hi Estibaliz,

    Thanks a lot for your prompt response. Could you give us a brief estimate of how much the performance of the DAC will be affected by using ADR01 reference, that is, an approximate idea of the max/min INL-DNL figures we can hope to achieve…

  • RE: REF01 Internal trim adjustment circuit

    Hi Jiro,

    As stated in REF01 data-sheet "Newer designs should use ADR01". ADR01 offer high accuracy and temperature stability over wider operating range and maintains full pin to pin compatibility with the REF01. After analyzing the schematic R5 = 35k…

  • RE: AD7671 Output has step

    Hi Jonathan,

    I use ADR01 as the 10V reference. Resistance divider generate 2.5V reference voltage. I measured the reference pin. I think it is stable now.

    I find voltage step when I change the input DC voltage, as in Figure 1. Blue line is the input…

  • Formula for ADR0x TRIM resistors

    I would like to use the TRIM pin with fixed resistors rather than a potentiometer to set the ADR01 output to a voltage other than nominal, within the specified adjustment range.  Is there a formula to determine the appropriate resistor values?  I could…

  • RE: Parallel DAC with High Voltage Output (+18V)

    Hi Mark, sorry I framed my last question wrong. I meant to say though I have power supply upto +18V from a LDO for the opamps but maximum available precision voltage reference available is +10V given by part number ADR01. Can I use the +18V supply from…

  • Thermal Information of ADR01TUJZ-EP-R7

    Can you please provide the following information for the ADR01TUJZ-EP-R7 Part ?
    1. Typical Power dissipation (Pd typ) 2. Maximum Power dissipation (Pd max) 3.
    Thermal Resistance Junction to Board (Theta JB)


    1, 2. ADR01 is a series type…