• Does this eval board exist (CN0503)?


    We are designing a sensor for fluorometry. We have found the ADPD4000 to be suitable for our application.

    There was a video named 'CN0503 + ADPD4000 Liquid Analysis Platform by Analog Devices'. In the video, a CN0503 eval board was used.…

  • RE: How to create an earphone PPG sensor

    Hello - 

    There are a couple of options for your earphone PPG sensor:

    - ADPD188GG: it is a module with two green LEDs and a photodiode. ADPD188GG Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices

    - ADPD4100/4101: it is our latest multimodal sensor front end for…

  • How to measure temperature with ADPD410x


    I'm a master student in biomedical engineering and I'm developping a miniature sensor for PPG, ECG and body temperature. For this I'm using the ADPD4101. I'm in the very first step of the project: the 2D schematics.

    I have seen in…

  • RE: Strange readings using the 180 degree sensor on the EVAL-CN0409-ARDZ

    Hi Karlsson,

    I wouldn't be surprised at the alignment - note that we're just relying on the LED's built-in lens, nothing fancy. It's intended as a reference design for customers that would eventually be using their own optics. As you have demonstrated…

  • Question about Two-Electrode Lead Off Measurement


    I am prototyping a device which will be able to measure ECG and two-electrode lead off. To do so I use the ADPD4101 but I am in trouble with your recommended configuration for ECG measurement with low DC offset. It concerns the INTEG_WIDTH_x, INTEG_OFFSET_x…

  • RE: ADPD2210 in low light application - how to deal with 240 nA static bias

    Hi Peter,

    I see. I think the most well-suited option will be the newest one (ADPD4100/ADPD4101 - only difference is SPI or i2C) as you signals are low, and you will need a low noise AFE to distinguish your low level signal. 

    ADPD4100 has a float mode which…

  • Question on how to reduce DC offset in PPG measurement of ADPD410x

    My customer is using ADPD4101.
    In the following situation, please advise on how to reduce the DC offset in the PPG signal.

    - Measured AC level is about -20~+20 (ADC max = 65535)
    - DC value is already ~ 44000, which is 2/3 of ADC max.
    -> We cannot increase…

  • ADI 全新中文资料(2021 年 6 月)

  • ADPD4100Z led is not blinking

    Hi sir,

    i am working with adpd4100z  device, i am able  communicate with device through SPI . I have done device configuration registers below mentioned  but led is not blinking.

    LED drive i have configured 0x0106 register i selected led3b and led 4b  ,A…