• RE: How to drive the LED in ADPD4101 sensor?

    Hi  Sudharsan,

    Have you verified if your register read & write are working?

    With regard to the LED drivers, can you let us know your schematic of the LED(s) and/or PD(s)? The LED drivers of ADPD4101 are current sink and the LED(s) should be supplied…

  • ADPD4100/ADPD4101 Medical grade

    Is ADPD4100/ADPD4101 belonging to Medical grade IC? 

  • ADPD4101 errata and BPF question

    In one of the answers on this forum about the ADPD4101 power sequence, it says:

    You can skip the sequence in the "Errata for Preliminary Datasheet", which is no longer needed for ADPD4101 part with chipID 0x02C2

    Can I get a link to the Errata…

  • Q. ADPD4100/ADPD4101 power sequence problem?

    I have a question regarding the ADPD4100/ADPD4101.

    The customer made 6 boards of its own and all used ADPD4101.
    Three ADPD4101s operate normally, but the other three do not.
    (Sometimes it works normally.)

    When ADPD4101 does not operate normally, the…

  • Q. ADPD4101 total supply current (max.)


    How much current is required to operate all the functions of ADPD4101?

    The datasheet states that the maximum current is 400mA when multiple LED drivers are used simultaneously.

    It seems that it does not require a large current other than the LED…

  • ADPD4100/ADPD4101 Integrator chopping SUBTRACT_x and REVERSE_INTEG_x

    Would the bit pattern for these two fields ever be different? If so, why?


  • Question about the problem that ADPD4101 does not operate normally when power-up.

    My client made 6 of them using the parts below.
    -Part No. : ADPD4101BCBZR7
    -Date code: 2016

    After power-up, 3 of them operate normally (addr 0x08, value 0x2c2), but the remaining 3 are read as CHIP_ID (addr 0x08) as 0x0000.

    For reference, My client controlled…

  • Q. ADPD4101, The power sequence is changed and the green LED generates a peak noise.

    Hi Glen.

    The circuit was modified so that power is supplied simultaneously according to the power sequence recommended by ADI.

    When the green signal is measured in the changed circuit, peak noise occurs every 25 samples.

    From the FIFO, 25 samples of each…

  • RE: How to drive an OLED for PPG in ADPD4001?

    Hi there,

    The shunt resistor as a current divider may work. You may want to check the voltage drop across the OLED at your targeted current and then select a shunt resistor accordingly.

    The ADPD4001 and ADPD4101 are pin-to-pin compatible while ADPD4101…

  • Question on how to reduce DC offset in PPG measurement of ADPD410x

    My customer is using ADPD4101.
    In the following situation, please advise on how to reduce the DC offset in the PPG signal.

    - Measured AC level is about -20~+20 (ADC max = 65535)
    - DC value is already ~ 44000, which is 2/3 of ADC max.
    -> We cannot increase…