• ADPD4100 (EVAL-ADPD4100Z-PPG) SPI Configuration Procedure


    I am trying to configure the ADPD4100 registers over SPI. Per the spec sheet, I have been writing to the registers in order one after the other after giving the first register address. However, when I read back one of the register values after writing…

  • ADPD4100/ADPD4101 Integrator chopping SUBTRACT_x and REVERSE_INTEG_x

    Would the bit pattern for these two fields ever be different? If so, why?


  • what is the default configuration for ADPD4100 Wrist worn PPG for Heart Rate Monitoring?

    Hi. I am using EVAL-ADPD4100Z-PPG for heart rate monitoring.

    Are you able to share an example configuration for heart rate monitoring using ADPD4100 (SPI)?

    It would be a great help and really appreciate it.

  • what is the default configuration for ADPD4100/ADPD4000 Wrist worn PPG for Heart Rate ?

    Hello All,

    I understand that the ADPD4100/ADPD4000 configuration must be defined for each use-case.

    I am using ADPD4100 for a wrist worn heart rate estimation application.

    what is the basic configuration for this?

  • How to calculate the sampling frequency/rate from ADPD4100 in different modes (analog integration, digital integration and other modes)

    I want to know whats the maximum sampling frequency can be set in ADPD 4100. how the sampling frequency changes with different usage of timeslots, channels, etc. How to calculate the sampling frequency?

    How to set the duty cycles for LEDs with the ADPD…

  • RE: TIA with ADC output

    Hi there,

    The ADPD4100/4101 is our latest AFE that meets your need. Please check it out at the link below:


    Please let me know if you…

  • RE: Optical sensor to that triggers on the passing of the spoke of a tiny wheel (10mm wheel, with 1mm width spoke)

    Hi there -

    The challenge for your proposed design is to achieve a narrow LED light beam so that the light is reflected from a single spoke in a reflective measurement or the light passes only one gap between two neighboring spokes in a transmissive setup.…

  • RE: ADPD4101 errata and BPF question

    Hi HarjitS,

    The Erratta is only applicable to ADPD4100/4101 parts with chipID of 0x01C2. Below is the description in the Errata:

    The ADPD4100/ADPD4101 requires a certain initialization sequence at every…

  • adpd4100spi通信有问题

     您好,adpd4100在进行通信的时候,会存在一些问题。mosi没有问题,但是当我回读消息的时候,miso线上的电平难以持续一个时钟周期。从示波器上看到miso的线会被拉高,但是会是以尖峰的形式。如果想要的到连续的111,那么最后的结果只能读到11,想要得到一个010,最后的结果就会是000。 黄色的线代表CS,红色的先代表clk,绿色的线代表MOSI,蓝色的线代表MISO. 下图中,图二是正常的时序图(ADPD4100开发板得到的)证明上位机代码可以正常写入和读取ADPD4100芯片,但是图1和图3…

  • Tri-Star Design Adds to its Turn-Key Healthcare Design Expertise a New Multi-Modal Physiological Measurement Solution from Analog Devices

    Tri-Star Design, Inc. announced today turn-key design support through Analog Devices Partner Program collaboration for the ADPD4100. The ADPD4100 is a multi-modal sensor front end that measures and synchronizes several physiological parameters in a tiny…