• RE: ADPD4100 SPI Reconfig


    Seems your are writing register continuously without desert Chip Select between first and second register. 

    In the example you are trying too write 0x102 & 0x105 register, if you are not dessert the CS pin then the ADPD4xx device will assume the next…

  • ADPD4100 Spice Model

    Hi Analog Devices Team!

    Quick question for you - Is there any spice model for ADPD4100 that I can use in simulation programs like LTspice?

    Thank you very much!


  • RE: ADPD4100 Peak Sampling Rate

    Hi Tyler,

    The 9 kHz sampling rate is based on our test of the ADPD4100 part. Technically, you can get 108k sps if the time for each slot is very minimal. 

    The ADPD4100 sampling rate can further be increased by turning off the sleep cycle. 

    We are in the…

  • adpd4100 LED intensity low

    Hello sir,

    we are working with PPG evaluation Board(ADPD4100Z) ,ADPD4100Z board is interfaced with  nrf52840 Development board.

    we are using SPI communication  for reading and writing the registers.


    IOVDD connected to 3volts (this power source…

  • ADPD4100 Respiration Rate Monitoring

    The ADPD4100 is listed as a featured product for Respiration Rate Monitoring on the following Analog Devices website:



  • ADPD4100 Few Questions

    Hi all!

    I'm just getting started with ADPD 4100 and had a few questions based on my read of the datasheet + eval board datasheet.

    1. Hoping to better understand the INP12_x register (pg. 91 on the datasheet). If INP12_x is set to 0111 (IN1 and IN2…

  • RE: ADPD4100 LED Over-Current


    Unfortunately, to my knowledge there are no prebuilt breakout boards for the ADPD4100 available for purchase - the evaluation board should you to test the key functionality, but for our case we are working with a custom PCB.



  • ADPD4000 vs ADPD4100

    What are the differences between the ADPD4000 vs the ADPD4100 regarding performance/advantages/features.



  • ADPD4100 pressure sensor configuration

    Hi. I have some difficulty getting the ADC values for the pressure sensor via ADPD4100.

    The pressure sensor has two output which S+ and S-.

    The difference of the two output is the resultant output which ranges from 0.6mV(deflated wristband) to 9.0mV(inflated…

  • ADPD4100/ADPD4101 Medical grade

    Is ADPD4100/ADPD4101 belonging to Medical grade IC?