• ADPD4000/ADPD4001 FIFO and debug/run problem

    I’m trying to read an impedance value with ADPD4000 connected to stm32L4, but I have two problems with the reading of the fifo buffer and the execution of the code.

    • About the fifo, I don’t why it does not fill or it fills up with no sense value…
  • How to drive an OLED for PPG in ADPD4001?

    Hello everyone!

    I am using the ADPD4001 for ECG and PPG measurement, however, for a low-power device, I am using an OLED light source. My OLED works at 100uA maximum. However, the driving current sunk on the ADPD4001 is a minimum of 2mA. Can you advise…

  • Support "multibyte burst read" on ADPD4001

    Is "multibyte burst read" available on the I2C interface on the ADPD4001?

       - To read FIFO_DATA (ADDR 0x002F).

       - I wants to read FIFO_DATA 75 bytes (3 bytes X 25 data) using a "multibyte burst read."

  • Vref cap value about ADPD4001

    "Internally Generated ADC Voltage Reference. Buffer this pin with a 1 μF capacitor to AGND." in datasheet.

    Capacitor value is fixed or need tuning by user?

  • ADPD4000/ADPD4001

    Good afternoon,

    I need information about the Firmware or source code of this product?? Can any one help me with that.


  • How to use GPIO as interrupt output on ADPD4001

    I want using GPIO0 as interrupt X.

    So I controlled registers as below. Is this the right control?

       - ADDR 0x0006(FIFO_TH) => FIFO_TH[7:0] = FIFO bytes size 1

       - ADDR 0x0014(INT_ENABLE_XD) => INTX_EN_FIFO_TH = 0x1 (enable)

       - ADDR 0x0023…

  • ADPD4001  | ADPD1081 | ADPD188GG | Best Configuration for PPG (2 Green vs 3 Green, Red LED, and IR LED)

    We are working on a real-time wearable PPG solution. We understand that either ADPD4001 or ADPD1081 can be used.

    Q1) I am wondering if you could comment on the accuracy and power consumption of those two ICs. Which one is recommended by you for a wearable…

  • 2020年 ADI 20款硬核新品,为你献上电路设计的不二之选




    四通道、软件可配置输入/输出 AD74412R/13R

    AD74412R 是一款适用于楼宇和过程控制应用的四通道软件可配置输入/输出解决方案。AD74412R 包含用于模拟输出、模拟输入、数字输入和电阻温度检测器 (RTD) 测量的功能,这些功能集成在一个单芯片解决方案中…