• ADPD4000 vs ADPD4100

    What are the differences between the ADPD4000 vs the ADPD4100 regarding performance/advantages/features.



  • Reading values from ADPD4000/ADPD4100

    I'm fairly new to ADPD4000 and new in doing embedded tasks.

    If I'm using an arduino nano, how do I read the values from the ADPD4000? How do I connect ADPD4000 to Arduino Nano to be able to do so?

    I have an incoming ADPD4100 but I'd like to take…

  • ADPD4000 SPI configuration


    I'm using EVAL ADPD4000Z but I have some doubts about the configuration. I used the driver provided by analogdevice on github, but I had to change the adpd functions with HAL library. I tried to read the chip_id, but I read a wrong value and I…

  • ADPD4000 differential input configuration


    I am considering to use ADPD4000 in our product and mainly interested in the differential pair configuration when connecting photodiode (PD) to input pins of ADPD4000.

    According to datasheet, it is obviously possible to configure differential input…

  • ADPD4000/ADPD4001 FIFO and debug/run problem

    I’m trying to read an impedance value with ADPD4000 connected to stm32L4, but I have two problems with the reading of the fifo buffer and the execution of the code.

    • About the fifo, I don’t why it does not fill or it fills up with no sense value…
  • ADPD4000/ADPD4001

    Good afternoon,

    I need information about the Firmware or source code of this product?? Can any one help me with that.


  • GSR / EDA measurement using EVAL-ADPD4000

    Hello, I am trying to measure bioimpedance using EVAL-ADPD4000 but I keep failing.

    If you look at the datasheet of EVAL-ADPD4000, there are IN5 and IN6 as impedance measurements.

    I would like to use this to measure GSR or EDA, but there are no examples…

  • what is the default configuration for ADPD4100/ADPD4000 Wrist worn PPG for Heart Rate ?

    Hello All,

    I understand that the ADPD4100/ADPD4000 configuration must be defined for each use-case.

    I am using ADPD4100 for a wrist worn heart rate estimation application.

    what is the basic configuration for this?

  • Does this eval board exist (CN0503)?


    We are designing a sensor for fluorometry. We have found the ADPD4000 to be suitable for our application.

    There was a video named 'CN0503 + ADPD4000 Liquid Analysis Platform by Analog Devices'. In the video, a CN0503 eval board was used.…

  • RE: ADPD4001  | ADPD1081 | ADPD188GG | Best Configuration for PPG (2 Green vs 3 Green, Red LED, and IR LED)


    Thanks for contacting us. 

    1) We currently recommend ADPD4000 for the wearable solutions, as it has less power consumption and noise. Could you explain what you mean by accuracy? It can mean differently in different context. If that means better…