Hi Dirk,

    Thanks for your feedback! It is great to learn that your external LED works.

    In addition to ADPD188GG (U1), the EVAL-ADPD188GGZ board has some experimental capacities, including ADXL362 (U2) for motion and AD8233 (U3) for a single lead ECG. AD8233…

  • ADPD188GG FIFO interrupt on GOPI0 firing too frequently


    I am working on ADPD188gg eval board interfaced with my custom MCU board i.e; I am not using the EVAL-ADPDUCZ microcontroller board. My custom MCU board connects to ADPD188gg via I2C. I am setting SLOTB_FIFO_MODE = 2 so each sample is 4 bytes. I am…

  • Schematics ADPD188GG

    can someone validate this schematic of PPG sensor "ADPD188GG"
     _ I implemented a voltage divider to power this sensor because all the other devices are powered with 3 Volt
  • ADPD188GG Driver

    We are developing a BLE bracelet, whether there is ADPD188GG reference driver code for rapid development?

    BLE NRF52840, HW I2C, we need referable initialization and read code, thanks.

  • ADPD188GG FIFO for Float mode in I2C config is not working


    I am trying to write a basic PPG detection code on ADPD188GG and hoping to replicate the working of loat mode demo. My setup is based on I2C with polling for float mode measurements. 

    Here is what I can see:

    1. The ADPD188 device powers up correctly.…
  • ADPD188GG can not get FIFO data

    We are developing a BLE bracelet, and the IC we use is ADPD188GG.  I have added the driver which is get  from GitHub

    adpd-drivers/ADPD10xx at master · analogdevicesinc/adpd-drivers · GitHub

    The issue is,  data read from IC are 0xFFFF.  I need…

  • ADPD188gg Heart rate in wrist mounted wearable


    I'm evaluating using the ADPD188GG for a wrist mounted wearable.

    In my application I would only need to calculate an average BPM in different activity during a normal day (standing still, walking, small sprints).

    I already have a design and algorithm…


    Hello EngineerZone,

    I am new with ADPD188GG PPG Sensor and I need to know the specification of the maximum peak current of the VLED to test it with its Evaluation board in the Float mode.


  • ADPD188GG float mode driver issue


    I'm trying to create a driver for the ADPD188GG, with the float mode configuration (ADPD188GGZ_PPG_Float_01.dcfg) 

    I used the HAL you shared on github).

    So I made these calls to a initialize the AFE,(the example adpd188gg)



    I am preparing a smart wearable medical product for the elderly.I have some questions about ADPD188GG, and I look forward to your answers. I will to test the CNiBP, SpO2 and HRM / HRV of the elderly.so,

    1.   CNiBP :   AD8223+ADPD188GG, connected to PD1…