We bought EVAL-ADPD188GG and everything works fine. Now we are trying to connect external LEDs / photodiodes, but the current (last) documentation (revision C) differs considerably from our board with revision D.
    Could You please provide us an up-to…


    I am preparing a smart wearable medical product for the elderly.I have some questions about ADPD188GG, and I look forward to your answers. I will to test the CNiBP, SpO2 and HRM / HRV of the elderly.so,

    1.   CNiBP :   AD8223+ADPD188GG, connected to PD1…

  • Schematics ADPD188GG

    can someone validate this schematic of PPG sensor "ADPD188GG"
     _ I implemented a voltage divider to power this sensor because all the other devices are powered with 3 Volt
  • ADPD188GG Driver

    We are developing a BLE bracelet, whether there is ADPD188GG reference driver code for rapid development?

    BLE NRF52840, HW I2C, we need referable initialization and read code, thanks.


    Hello EngineerZone,

    I am new with ADPD188GG PPG Sensor and I need to know the specification of the maximum peak current of the VLED to test it with its Evaluation board in the Float mode.



    Good Morning,

    I would to know the number of pulse in both modes (Float mode & normal mode)??


  • ADPD188GG FIFO question

    Dear Sir,

    As ADPD188GG datasheet, There are 128Bytes FIFO on ADPD188GG. The datasheet says "Data for each photodiode channel can be stored as either 16 or 32 bits. Each time slot can store 2, 4, 8, or 16 bytes of data per sample, depending on the mode…

  • ADPD188GG float mode driver issue


    I'm trying to create a driver for the ADPD188GG, with the float mode configuration (ADPD188GGZ_PPG_Float_01.dcfg) 

    I used the HAL you shared on github).

    So I made these calls to a initialize the AFE,(the example adpd188gg)


  • About ADPD188GG PPG solution

    Dear all,

    good day!

    i have a question, about ADPD188GG....

    i see the spec ADPD188GG has internal 2 Green LED (TX) and 2 PDET (RX) with IR cut filter... is right??

    and then it has external 2 LED driver and 2 PDs Input ... is right???

    does it mean i can…

  • ADPD188GG VLED1 supply voltage

    Dear Sir,

    According the datasheet  VLED1(pin 5) voltage range is 4.0~5.0V.  The max rating of  VLED1 is 5V. If we provide 5V supply and 5% tolerance

    The max supply voltage is 5.25V. Is VLED1 can endure this application?