• ADPD188BI Dev kit vs ADPD188BI on Custom hardware

    Hello Devs,

    I was using an ADPD188BI Dev board using my own interface circuit to connect to an Arduino Board, all was working pretty good being able to read all the registers from the smoke sensor, then I managed to assemble a custom board using the ADPD188BI…

  • ADPD188BI

    Hello ,

              I'm working on ADPD188BI . I got a question . Here are two results from  ADPD188BI's FIFO .

    1. Result when there is no cover on ADPD188BI board

        SLOTA CH1:0x0000

        SLOTA CH2:0x0000

        SLOTA CH3:0x0251

        SLOTA CH4:0x0252

        SLOTB CH1…

  • ADPD188BI / CN0537 question

    Hi Sir, 

    We have few question about ADPD188BI/CN-0537

    In the CN-0537 of smoke detector, is there a way to record raw data (including humidity & temperature) ?

    what's SD card function ? it can record data to SD card ?   

    and does it also have the…

  • ADPD188BI

    Hi, I'm using ADPD188BI and I got some problem.

    I made a board as you can see .

    And I use TXS0108EPWR to convert the voltage to 1.8V.

    When I use I2C or SPI ,I cant communicate with ADPD188BI.When I use I2C,I cant get the ACK. When I use SPI,I cant…

  • ADPD188BI

    Hello . As there is something with the board I made , I cant work it out . So I bought EVAL-ADPD188BIZ-S2 from you .

    I'm trying to use it ,but I still got some questions .

    As shown in the sheet (《EVAL-ADPD188BIZ-S2 User Guide》)。I connect I2C_SCL…

  • ADPD188BI sensibility

    Hello Devs,

    which is the minimum sensibility for the ADPD188BI in PTR or %Obscuration when there is a smoke source?

  • ADPD188BI and Chamber placement


    I would like to know placement of ADPD188BI and chamber of ADPD188BI(28800X).

    From ADPD188BI evaluation board and CN0537, ADPD188BI is placed on center of chamber.

    Is my understanding correct?

    If you have any recommend or document of placement, if…

  • ADPD188BI interfacing

    i am working on ADPD188BI ..and i want to interface with esp32 wroom module so please send me driver of ADPD188bi and also send example code

  • ADPD188BI enclosure recommendations

    Hi Devs,

    what is the minimum recommended distance/height from the sensor ADPD188BI to an enclosure wall?



  • ADPD188BI led

    Hi all,

    Im trying to work with the ADPD188BI smoke sensor.

    As i read from the datasheet, there should be two leds (BLUE/IR), When i supply power to the sensor i see no led lights turned on.

    So my quastion is, is there any setup for the sensor leds or…