• ADPD1081 out of date documentation

    Good morning

    I'm a engineer student from Spain. I recently purchased one of your products (ADPD1081 eval-board https://www.analog.com/en/design-center/evaluation-hardware-and-software/evaluation-boards-kits/EVAL-ADPD1080.html#eb-overview) to use in…
  • ADPD1081 Second set of Leds

    Good morning

    I am a engineer student in Madrid, Spain and I am using your product (ADPD1081 eval-board https://www.analog.com/en/design-center/evaluation-hardware-and-software/evaluation-boards-kits/EVAL-ADPD1080.html#eb-overview) for my final career project…

  • LED Anode Voltage for ADPD1081

    Hi all,

    Can we safely use a higher *anode* voltage on the LED than the 3.6Vmax listed for LEDXx? Does pin have protection that would allow this? My concern is not when the LED is being driven (LED Vf would be in play). Rather, when the LED is not being…

  • PSRR differences between ADPD107 and ADPD1081

    We are considering moving from the ADPD107 to the ADPD1081. We noticed the PSRR is significantly lower (24db in 1081 vs 37db in 107).

    What is the expected impact on signal quality if we use a similar circuit design? Should we consider a quieter power…

  • ADPD1081 - Connect PDC pin to GND?

    Hello ADI,


    Our customer is developing an oximeter with ADPD1081, he is planning to use a standard Omeda probe.


    On this type of probe the photodiode cathode is connected to GND (shield). On ADPD1081 block diagram, we see that the photodiode cathode is…

  • Q. ADPD1081 firmware source code error


    The customer recently received the ADPD1081 source code from ADI.

    (File name: ADPDLib_M4_Ref_Package-Rel3.4.5-7Keil.zip)

    It is the customer's development environment.

    MCU: nRF52840

    Compiler: KEIL uvision V2.29

    An error occurs when compiling…

  • Q. Can I know the BOM of the ADPD1081 evaluation board?


    Can I know the BOM of the ADPD1081 evaluation board?

    (document: eval-adpd1081z-ppg-ug-1255)

    Q1. U3(No information)?

    Q2. U4(ADPD107-WLCSP)? / The pin name also matches ADPD107. Why not ADPD1081?

  • ADPD4001  | ADPD1081 | ADPD188GG | Best Configuration for PPG (2 Green vs 3 Green, Red LED, and IR LED)

    We are working on a real-time wearable PPG solution. We understand that either ADPD4001 or ADPD1081 can be used.

    Q1) I am wondering if you could comment on the accuracy and power consumption of those two ICs. Which one is recommended by you for a wearable…

  • About EVAL-ADPD1081

    Q1 Is following soft fair firmware a latest version?
      Warning indicates "This firmware isn't being supported."
       Tool :

    Q2 Please tell me a relation between the biggest scale in vertical axis Amplitude of a chart…

  • EVAL-ADPD1081 About IRED set point and an output wave pattern

    Is the following movement right?

    ・When I'll make IRED increased, output is saturated.

    ・When more IRED was increased, a reversed corrugation was observed.

    Why will it be a reversed corrugation?