• Adpd1080 register setup vs adpd105

    Hi there, 

    we are currently working on a portable health monitoring system, and for our newer version we changed the ADPD105  to the ADPD1080. I tried to use the same register set up what we used previously for the 105 but is does not work, unfortunatelly…

  • RE: ADPD1080

    Hello -

    What is the capacitance of the PD in the TCRT1000 sensor? ADPD1080/ADPD1081 can work with any LED including the 940nm LED in this TCRT1000 sensor. ADPD1080/ADPD1081 works best with low capacitance photodiode of <100pF for optimal performance…

  • ADPD1080 MODE register


    I am trying to use an ADPD1080 sensor and for first tests and convenience I used the initializations from [1] for setting it up. When I am in the programming Mode (0x10 is set to 1), I can read back a 1 too. After setting it to 2 I don't read and…

  • ADPD1080 32kHz internal clock oscillator

    Hi, ADI team,

    I have 2 questions for 32kHz internal clock oscillator of ADPD1080.

    1. Is it RC clock oscillator integrated inside ADPD1080?

    2. I'd like to know the oscillator deviation (might be called as the error)  includig ADPD1080 operating temperature…

  • Using the ADPD1080 Driver in the arduino IDE?

    Does anybody have any experience using the ADPD1080 in the arduino IDE and using the github drivers?

  • Question about ADPD1080 output data

    Hi,I have a question

    First, this is the output of 4 PDs using ADPD1080

    This is I got in a dark environment

    Does this mean that I need to calibrate each PD to the same level?

    How can I correct them?

  • ADPD1080 work from CR3032 battery

    Dear sirs,

    The peak LED current of ADPD1080 is 250 mA. How you would suggest to use the device in a compact design powered by a coin battery e.g. CR3032? Such batteries are probably not able to sink such current. 

  • ADPD1080 How to calculate Intensity value ?

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to read ADPD1080 driver, I can got all of FIFO and the data
    registers. But, I down know how to convert the value into Intensity. My goad is Water Turbidity Measurement System

  • About ADPD1080 the data fluctuates greatly


    Our product uses 4 PDs, but I found that the value of one of the PDs fluctuates greatly. Could this be a problem in circuit design?

    This is my reg setting:

    uint32_t dcfg_org_1080[] = {


    0x0012000d, // hz

    0x00140556, // PD 0556…

  • ADPD1080 want to drive Vf=8V LED in 100mA

    Hello support:

    The Vf of UVC LED will be over 8V.

    ADPD1080 can not drive high voltage LED.

    I will make an external high voltage LED driver circuit.

    But I want to sync LED driver ciuit.with ADPD1080.

    How could I sync ?

    Pull up a resistor on the LEDX1…