• ADPD1080 32MHz clock

    Hi ADI Engineers

    I try to make my post clear and no more than 256 words:

    I 'm working on the EVAL-AD1080Z-PRX  board

    I could (W)rite and (R)ead back registers' data but could not make the 32MHz clock running!

    W 0x0001 to 0x01,    R back to verify…

  • ADPD1080 32MHz clock

    I 'm working on the EVAL-AD1080Z-PRX  board

    I could write and read back many registers' data but could not make the 32MHz clock running!

    W 0x0001 to 0x01,   then R  0x0001

    W 0x303A to 0x23,   then R  0x303A

    W 0x0A20 to 0x30,   then R  0x0A20

    W 0x082…

  • ADPD1080 use with 3-pin LED/Photodiode combo


    We have an application where we wish to use the ADPD1080 with a three-pin optoelectronic device consisting of an LED and photodiode in the same hermetically-sealed package.  The cathode of the photodetector and the anode of the LED are connected…

  • ADPD1080 32MHz clock

    Hi ADI Engineers!


    W 0x2680 to 0x4B, R back to verify: 0x2680

    W 0x0001 to 0x01,    R : 0x0001 : Prog mode

    W 0x303A to 0x23,   R:  0x303A

    W 0x0A20 to 0x30,   R:  0x0A20

    W 0x0826 to 0x31,   R:  0x0826

    W 0x5AFC to 0x39,   R:  0x5AFC

    W 0x0001 to 0x5F,   R:  0x0001…

  • ADPD1080

    Can we interface a Reflective Optical Sensor(TCRT1000) with ADPD1080/ADPD1081 

  • Adpd1080 register setup vs adpd105

    Hi there, 

    we are currently working on a portable health monitoring system, and for our newer version we changed the ADPD105  to the ADPD1080. I tried to use the same register set up what we used previously for the 105 but is does not work, unfortunatelly…

  • Using the ADPD1080 Driver in the arduino IDE?

    Does anybody have any experience using the ADPD1080 in the arduino IDE and using the github drivers?

  • ADPD1080 32kHz internal clock oscillator

    Hi, ADI team,

    I have 2 questions for 32kHz internal clock oscillator of ADPD1080.

    1. Is it RC clock oscillator integrated inside ADPD1080?

    2. I'd like to know the oscillator deviation (might be called as the error)  includig ADPD1080 operating temperature…

  • RE: ADPD1080 MODE register

    Hi Can you please give me an example code to communicate with ADPD1080 IC ? Thank you so much !

  • ADPD1080 I2C SCL frequency

    Hi ADI Expert,

    on the circuit of my sensor there are I2C slaves on the same I2C-Bus: A sensor, which has a maximal serial data clock of 400KHz, and the ADPD1080. The datasheet of ADPD1080 shows only the typical serial data clock frequency. What about…