• Custom ADPD1080


    I have designed and built a new PCB based on ADPD1080 and LTC4313. I had designed all as per the datasheet. But I am not able to connect with it when powered. The datasheet of ADPD1080 says that the i2c address is 0x64. But when I used the I2C scanner…

  • ADPD1080 registers are not being written

    Hello, I have a custom design for using the ADPD1080 in a PPG system. When I try to write the SAMPLE_CLK and the MODE register, even after the write happens when I read back the values in these registers, the MODE read 0x0000 and SAMPLE_CLK reads 0x2612…

  • ADPD1080 for Optical Particle Counter


    I'm working on development of an optical particle counter (Basically an aerosoldetector). I'm planning to use a BPW34 photodiode and ADPD1080 as the AFE. The sampling rate required is less than 3KHz. 

    This is a reference guide provided…

  • ADPD1080 32MHz clock

    Hi ADI Engineers

    I try to make my post clear and no more than 256 words:

    I 'm working on the EVAL-AD1080Z-PRX  board

    I could (W)rite and (R)ead back registers' data but could not make the 32MHz clock running!

    W 0x0001 to 0x01,    R back to verify…

  • ADPD1080 32MHz clock

    I 'm working on the EVAL-AD1080Z-PRX  board

    I could write and read back many registers' data but could not make the 32MHz clock running!

    W 0x0001 to 0x01,   then R  0x0001

    W 0x303A to 0x23,   then R  0x303A

    W 0x0A20 to 0x30,   then R  0x0A20

    W 0x082…

  • ADPD1080 32MHz clock

    Hi ADI Engineers!


    W 0x2680 to 0x4B, R back to verify: 0x2680

    W 0x0001 to 0x01,    R : 0x0001 : Prog mode

    W 0x303A to 0x23,   R:  0x303A

    W 0x0A20 to 0x30,   R:  0x0A20

    W 0x0826 to 0x31,   R:  0x0826

    W 0x5AFC to 0x39,   R:  0x5AFC

    W 0x0001 to 0x5F,   R:  0x0001…

  • ADPD1080 use with 3-pin LED/Photodiode combo


    We have an application where we wish to use the ADPD1080 with a three-pin optoelectronic device consisting of an LED and photodiode in the same hermetically-sealed package.  The cathode of the photodetector and the anode of the LED are connected…

  • ADPD1080

    Can we interface a Reflective Optical Sensor(TCRT1000) with ADPD1080/ADPD1081 

  • Adpd1080 register setup vs adpd105

    Hi there, 

    we are currently working on a portable health monitoring system, and for our newer version we changed the ADPD105  to the ADPD1080. I tried to use the same register set up what we used previously for the 105 but is does not work, unfortunatelly…

  • Using the ADPD1080 Driver in the arduino IDE?

    Does anybody have any experience using the ADPD1080 in the arduino IDE and using the github drivers?