• PSRR differences between ADPD107 and ADPD1081

    We are considering moving from the ADPD107 to the ADPD1081. We noticed the PSRR is significantly lower (24db in 1081 vs 37db in 107).

    What is the expected impact on signal quality if we use a similar circuit design? Should we consider a quieter power…

  • ADPD107 Software reset


    I have some questions about software reset of ADPD107 from our customer.

    (1)Could you please advise me a term of software reset? How should we wait for next communication of SPI after executing the software reset?

    (2) I think we can execute…

  • ADPD107 External sampling sync trigger


    I received a question about sync trigger of ADPD107 from our customer.

    The customer input a trigger signal (25Hz) to GPIO0. And he checked PDC timing. But the PDC timing has variation around +/-1usec as the trigger signal.  Is this ADPD107's specification…

  • ADPD107 TIA mode Individual gain setting and: output data is strange.


    I'm trying TIA mode individual gain setting and measuring when PD output current is 0uA (connecting Photo Diode but no light)

    Settings outline is following,

    SLOTA ch1: 25k  ch2: 200k  

    SLOTB off

    ADC OFFSET: ch1:0  ch2: 0

    LED off

    (discribe this "setting1…

  • Strange Optical Signal Noise with ADPD107

    Hi FormerMember, I am currently using the ADPD107 for PPG sensing. I am getting some strange looking noise on the optical signal inconsistently. It seems to be more of a problem when sampling at lower LED brightnesses, but it is not always consistently…

  • ADPD107 Drive current settings not matching datasheet formula

    Hi FormerMember,

    We are seeing what looks like inaccuracies in the drive current on the ADPD107. The datasheet says the drive current should be:

    LEDPeak = (50.3 + 19.8 * ILED_COARSE) * (0.74 + 0.022 * ILED_FINE) * (0.4 + 0.6 * ILED_SCALE)

    We are trying…

  • Performing Noise analysis of ADPD107 SPO2 signal chain containing photo diodes

    Dear all,

    Request you to provide some pointers related to performing noise analysis for ADPD107 SPO2 Based signal chain containing Photodiode and Leds. Any application note to refer to will be helpful.


  • ADPD107 TIA ADC Mode Timing

    I am trying to use TIA ADC Mode for the ADPD107, and the data sheet does not explicitly describe how the timing should be changed to properly sample all TIAs during a timing block. The only mention of timing with respect to TIA ADC mode is the following…

  • Do you have drivers available for the ADPD103/ADPD105/ADPD107?


  • Q. Can I know the BOM of the ADPD1081 evaluation board?


    Can I know the BOM of the ADPD1081 evaluation board?

    (document: eval-adpd1081z-ppg-ug-1255)

    Q1. U3(No information)?

    Q2. U4(ADPD107-WLCSP)? / The pin name also matches ADPD107. Why not ADPD1081?