• ADPD105 FIFO data packet format

    What is the data format of the samples stored in the FIFO for both slots enabled (same ODR) and 32-bit mode?

    I haven't been able to decipher the format of the data stored in the FIFO from the datasheet or code examples.  Attached is the configuration…

  • RE: Couldn't boot up the EVAL-ADPD105 system board

    Try downloading the latest software packet and use the ADPD_M360.hex file with the download.

  • ADPD105评估板的问题




  • ADPD105 ADC offset setting

    ADPD105 register 0x18~0x21 was the ADC offset register,default is 0x2000.

    In general,how to setting this value?

  • ADPD105: Band-Pass Filter configuration



    is there any way to change the  ADPD105 Band-Pass Filter configuration  (change corner frequencies)?

  • About ADPD105/108 calibrating the 32 MHz clock


    According to datasheet page 33 "calibrating the 32 MHz clock".

    If the CLK_RATIO more than 2000, the clock error value will be a negative number

    1. In this situation how did I set the CLK32M_ADJUST(0x4D) ?

    2. CLK_RATIO value will change e…

  • 关于ADPD105评估板的问题


  • ADPD105 Driver Issues

    I'm trying to use the driver and example code for ADPD105 from the github page. I'm getting an error

    >> Compilation failure subdir_rules.mk:9: recipe for target 'AdpdDrv.obj' failed "../AdpdDrv.c",

    line 93: fatal error…

  • ADPD105 burst accumulator

    I'll ask you about the theory system of data seat mentioning.

    Noise is equalized by the rms level, so don't you need 1/2?

  • ADPD105 Evaluation board can't connect to PC


    Our customer has a trouble about connection between ADPD105 Eval. board and their PC by USB. When he start the software, ADPD OpenMarket WaveTool, and  the select COM port by Select Port of the software menu, then he gets following message.