• RE: Multiple questions about ADPD105 and ADPD108 and their evalboards

    Well-known problem related with ADPD108, follow Buckley's advice, it solved my problem it should help you as well.

  • ADPD105用轮询读取FIFO的方式



    0x11: 0x3131





    0x02:0x0107 (极性反转过,没作用)



  • ADPD105 saturation value


    I tested the new ADPD105 board today, and I found a thing that I can't understand very well. 

    I wanted to test the max value for one pulse at different situation. In the test I set the number of pulses to 1, and changed the LED current and the TIA…

  • how to transform output signal to PD input current (adpd105 )


    I want to use adpd105 with normal operation mode for measuring PPG.

    But I don't understand how to transform output signal to PD input current.

    This function is not for Nomal mode but for TIA ADC mode, is it?

    (And I understand ADC_out mean…

  • Do ADPD103 and ADPD105 output different signals?

    Hi there,

    For my project, I’m trying to optimize an optical sensor system which function is to recognize, wether there is a tube in the detection slit. The sensor is based on an emitting LED and a position sensitive device with 2 electrodes on the opposing…

  • ADPD105开发板问题咨询





  • ADPD105 Board Adress

    Hi there, 

    I am trying to communicate with a MCU through I2C. I am wondering what is ADPD105 board adress and where can I find it. adpd105

    The datasheet said: 

    The default 7-bit I2C slave address for the device is 0x64, followed by the R/W bit.

    The 0x64…

  • ADPD105采集波形失真


  • ADPD105 Driver Issue - ADPDDrv_GESTURE


    I am trying to use the ADPD105 driver. 

    But when I build it, it gives me an error message: 

    "ADPDDrv_GESTURE" is undefined AdpdDrv.c /ADPD_CC2650 line 352 C/C++ Problem

    which is happen at:


    nRegValue &= ~RDOUT_MODE_EN;

  • ADPD105 FIFO data packet format

    What is the data format of the samples stored in the FIFO for both slots enabled (same ODR) and 32-bit mode?

    I haven't been able to decipher the format of the data stored in the FIFO from the datasheet or code examples.  Attached is the configuration…