• ADPD105 reading data register value is not stable

    I designed the turbidity measurement system with reference to the circuit of CN0409. The controller uses STM32F103. The program is transplanted based on ADUcM360 officially provided by ADI, and the initialization setting is also referred to this program…

  • Connecting 3 LEDs Red, Green IR to ADPD105


    I am working on testing of EVAL-ADPD105. ADPD105 Supports connecting 3 LEDs through LEDX1, LEDX2, LEDX3. I want to connect Red, IR, Green LED to these pins. But based on the register configuration we can enable only 2 LEDs in a particular time s…

  • Adpd1080 register setup vs adpd105

    Hi there, 

    we are currently working on a portable health monitoring system, and for our newer version we changed the ADPD105  to the ADPD1080. I tried to use the same register set up what we used previously for the 105 but is does not work, unfortunatelly…

  • RE: ADPD105 ambient light suppression

    excuse me.

    For the ambient light suppression part, I'm confused with the figure 27 in the datasheet of ADPD105.

    In this figure, the LED response has a relative negtive waveform part. Could you help me to know how this happen? 

    assuming that the ambient…

  • ADPD105 Eval Board - No signal on Channel 1-2 with external connected photo diode on P3/Pin3

    I'm trying to connect two photo diodes for channel 1-2 and channel 3-4 on the ADPD105 Eval Board

    On P3 I used
    pin 1 for common cathode
    pin 2 for channel 3-4 anode first photo diode
    pin 3 for channel 1-2 anode second photo diode

    and of course I removed…

  • ADPD105 the FIFO fuction


           now i am taking a project by using ADPD105.

           The problem I have now is to use FIFO mode to generate interrupt through FIFO level, but configure relevant registers according to the steps provided in the manual. The specific register configuration…

  • ADPD105 register 0x4B

    Dear Sir/Madam,

      I Read the datasheet ADPD105-106-107.pdf and found that the default value of register 0x4B bit[15:9] is 0x13 (in the table at page 62), however, the "description" column of the table prints "Write 0x26" for bit[15:9]. IS IT CORRECT ?…

  • How to remove noise from PPG waveform in ADPD105 EVALUATION BOARD?


    I am using EVALUATION BOARD ADPD105 with openmarket wavetool utility to observe the PPG waveform. So the issues I am facing are:-

    1). The PPG waveform baseline is not stable. How to stabilise this?

    2). The noise problem is there in PPG waveform,the…

  • 关于ADPD105环境光抑制问题


  • Noise and baseline problem in "EVAL BOARD ADPD105" . How to fix this issue?


    I am working on ADPD105 EVALUATION board and trying to run the module using ADPD105 openmarket wavetool utility. The issue with this is the noise presence in the PPG waveform. I would also like to mention that I am driving two LED's, one in each…