• RE: How Can we use External sensor Like DS100A from Nelcor to interface to ADPD105EVM?

    Hi Lokesh,

    You would need to disconnect the LEDs and the PD from the DS100A connector and connect them to the appropriate connections of the ADPD105. I don't understand why the red and IR LEDs are connected back to back on the DS100A, but the LED connections…

  • RE: ADPD103 Drives a LED ( 5V~7V@20mA )

    For some reason I assumed that we were talking about the ADPD105 since it's the latest device in the family. If this is a new design, then you should be looking at the ADPD105 (or ADPD107 if you wanted SPI). The ADPD105 is backwards compatible. There…

  • ADPD105 Gerber file


    Is there any gerber available for ADPD105?

    Thank you

  • RE: Where is UDP Transfer Tool Located

    Currently we are working on a project using the ADPD105 optical sensor to measure heart rate and SpO2 values. We designed our own board including the ADPD105 photometric front end combined with two external LEDs and two photodiodes. soundcloud downlo…

  • RE: The ADPD103 evaluation board is not connecting or showing data.

    Thanks Kevin. Together with ADPD105 Entry (as below), firmware update is quite easy.

    Under CM3WSD, one should NOT forget the buttons (pressing Download button on the board while pulsing RESET button). 


  • Connecting an external MCU to ADPD105 Eval Board


    I’m testing a recently acquired ADPD105 eval Board. My goal is to connect an external MCU to the ADPD105 and build a prototype. I was wondering if there is any potential problem with connecting the four communication pins SCL SDA and 2 GPIO pins…

  • RE: Couldn't boot up the EVAL-ADPD105 system board


        The address I download the software is the same as you provided. The following picture shows the information of the software I use. Please confirm wheather the software is the latest or not. 


        Besides these is a firmware folder in the…

  • RE: Difference in PPG waveform observed in Eval board and traditional PPG waveform

    Hello Lokesh,

    This is a good question. Basically, the waveform that you showed as a comparison to the output of the ADPD105 is a transform of what's being measured by our device. Our device measures intensity, and as the blood volume in the arteries…

  • ADPD105: Band-Pass Filter configuration



    is there any way to change the  ADPD105 Band-Pass Filter configuration  (change corner frequencies)?

  • ADPD105 ADC offset setting

    ADPD105 register 0x18~0x21 was the ADC offset register,default is 0x2000.

    In general,how to setting this value?