• The ADPD103 evaluation board is not connecting or showing data.

    I have just received the ADPD103 evaluation board, EVAL-ADPD103Z-GEN, and I downloaded the GUI from the eval board website. When I try to run the evaluation board it either doesn't connect, or I can't get the graph view to show any data.

  • Do you have drivers available for the ADPD103/ADPD105/ADPD107?


  • How often do I need to calibrate the clocks on the ADPD103?

    How often do I need to perform a clock calibration on the ADPD103?

  • What is the difference between the operating modes of the ADPD103?


  • In addition to the ADPD103, what else is required to measure heart rate optically?

    In addition to the ADPD103, what else is required to measure heart rate optically?

  • RE: How can I increase the signal to noise ratio of my measurement with the ADPD103?

    The ADPD103 employs several methods of improving signal-to-noise ratio.

    1. The first method that provides the best increase in signal to noise ratio is to increase the LED current. For every doubling of LED current there will be a 6dB increase in SNR…

  • I want to synchronize a PPG measurement with an ECG measurement. Does the ADPD103 support this?


  • RE: How can I synchronize the ADPD103 with other sensors in my system, for example, an accelerometer?

    The ADPD103 provides two methods to synchronize to an external accelerometer. One method is to provide a trigger from the ADPD103 to the external sensor by programming either the INT or PDSO pin to provide a trigger signal to any external sensor at the…

  • Can the ADPD103/105/107 measure the response from 3 different LEDs for 2 different photodiodes independently?

    If I want a setup that has 3 LED's and 2 photodiodes, can any of the ADPD parts be configured to measure the response from each LED, for each photodiode (6 different responses) independently at a given sample rate? It looks like the hardware supports…

  • RE: I would like to use a SPI for power savings. Does the ADPD103 only have an I2C option?

    Yes, the ADPD103 only has an I2C option. However, there is a recently released upgrade to the ADPD103 called the ADPD105 and ADPD107. These are backwards compatible to the ADPD103, but have better noise performance at lower power points, and the ADPD107…