• ADPD103


    I am currently using the Eval board from Analog Devices - ADPD103. I am having some difficulties as the schematics of it are not provided!(Kindly post the needful)

    1. I have issues when I am connecting any external photo diode(other than the one…

  • ADPD103

    I am using an analog devices Eval board ADPD103Z-GEN, but the GUI is not recognizing the port for some reason. I was trying to do a firmware upgrade and after the download, when prompted for reset, it exit immediately! I suspect this is the cause of configuration…

  • ADPD103评估板问题



  • ADPD103 - crosstalk between photodiodes

    Hi community,

    I have set up a ADPD103 Evaluation Board with two photodiodes (PD1 and PD2) and one LED. I want to measure the intensity of the LED with both photodiodes. When i bring the LED close to PD1, the signal rises to high LSBs, but at the same…

  • ADPD103配置问题




  • ADPD103 Drives a LED ( 5V~7V@20mA )

    Dear Sir,

             Does ADPD103 can drive a LED ( 5V~7V@20mA ) by  the following Schematic? And the VCC is 8V. 

  • Do ADPD103 and ADPD105 output different signals?

    Hi there,

    For my project, I’m trying to optimize an optical sensor system which function is to recognize, wether there is a tube in the detection slit. The sensor is based on an emitting LED and a position sensitive device with 2 electrodes on the opposing…

  • Does the ADPD103 require an external clock?

    Does the ADPD103 require an external clock?

  • Does ADPD103 parameters is very critical for noise?

    i am using ADPD103 in our PCB(not adi evm), now we use default parameters and run at normal mode, but very noisy, is that any suggestion?

  • The ADPD103 evaluation board is not connecting or showing data.

    I have just received the ADPD103 evaluation board, EVAL-ADPD103Z-GEN, and I downloaded the GUI from the eval board website. When I try to run the evaluation board it either doesn't connect, or I can't get the graph view to show any data.