• ADPA7002-EVALZ Header Pin Information

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    I have an EVAL board for ADPA7002 (ADPA7002-EVALZ). I found the product page and the datasheet, however I am unable to find information on the pin out of the header pins on the EVAL Board. Can someone share that information with me?

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  • I have some samples for ADPA7002. Where can I find the datasheet? Thank you!

    I have 2 samples of ADPA7002 MMICs in die form. I would like to evaluate it; however, I cannot find the datasheet on Analog Devices web page. I need some information on the electrical specification and chip layout information on the data sheet.


  • Information for ADPA7002Chip

    I noticed that the ADPA7002chip is equiped with function of temperature compensation.IF there is any application circuit for this function ?how can I apply this function ?