• I want someone check my ADP8140 circuit

    Hello everyone, i am planning to use ADP8140 for UVC LED control.

    In this circuit, LED's forward current is 350mA. And I will control them by PWM on/off through micro controller.

    Unfortunately, as i am not good at hardware design, i came here for…

  • ADP8140 - current sink headroom

    Hello Team,

    I am planning to use ADP8140 ELD controller to drive backlight LED module with operating voltage of 26V - 29V with max 50mA current. How do I estimate the current sink headroom voltage range for 50mA? In datasheet specs, I couldn't find the…

  • Unused Sink pin of ADP8140


    Can I leave unused sink pin unconnected? I am planning to use only one SINK pin.

    What is the estimated product life time for ADP8140 device?


    Rajesh Kumar

  • ADP8140 Evalboard current Measurement

    Hello allthogether,

    i made some experiments with the evalboard ADP8140. I followed the evalboard description. I chose the jumper settings for analog Dimming. Everthing ist o.k. After some tests i want to reproduce, the diagramm in the description for…

  • ADP8140 - short pulses without delay

    Hi all,

    I developed a new design where I use the ADP8140 for an optical stimulation device.

    The ADP is operated in the error amplifier mode with an analog dimming voltage. Until now everything seems to be fine.

    But now I want to stimulate with short pulses…

  • FB_OUT does not work in ADP8140

    Good day!

    Use the ADP8140 for IR illumination. Dimming is not required. The scheme is simple:

    To check, they made a feed to the EN input of the meander with a frequency of 0.5 Hz.They made several copies and one fault at all: the power switch does not…

  • ADP8140 PWM control with VT pin


    Would you let me know how to connect the MODE, MIN, DIM and VT pin on ADP8140CP-EVALZ when the board is set to PWM dimming mode using VT pin?

    The current setting on the board is as follows:

    • MODE pin is connected to REG
    • MIN pin is connected to R…
  • RE: ADP8140 fault pin

    Thank you for this info!

  • Maximum number of ADP8140 Current sinks to a single buck power supply.

    What is the maximum number of ADP8140 sinks that can be used in parallel with feedback to a single buck supply?

  • ADP8140 Analog dimming


    I am using ADP8140 for driver of two string of white led. Both string has different light color so I'm using FET for controlling bot lines so that I can shut down or light up any string I want. I have DAC connected to DIM pin for adjust LED current…