• Resistor divider of adjustable ADP7182

    Hi, the datasheet of 7182 (and I suspect this question would be relevant for all adjustable ADP71xx)  says "RFB2 must be less than 120 kΩ...", but doesnt mention how low it is allowed to be.

    I would like to have -9 V to balance 7102 (strange…

  • ADP7182 runs out of current

    Problem with ADP7182.

    It works well with no load but runs out of current as soon as I place a small load ( 3mA). Load increases the overall current consumption by over 50 mA.

    The regulator does not oscillate, with stronger load, its current limiting fearture…

  • ADP7182 Adjustable Not Allowing -1.2V output

    I've wired the Adj pin directly to Vout to produce a -1.22V output with the Adjustable version. -5.5Vin and -1.2Vout. Unfortunately I'm getting -5V out. I've checked the part case lettering and it appears to be correct for the adjustable version so why…

  • ADP7182 輸出調整疑問


    目前使用ADP7182希望從-25V轉成-1.8V, 調整adj分壓電阻為60.4KOhm 與 110KOhm後僅能得到-2.5V. 請問有其他的建議可以達到期望的輸出值嗎? 謝謝

  • Slow rise time application with ADP7182


    I would like to have a very slow rise-up time by ADP7182.

    It’s about 5msec @ - 5V, as slower.

    Could you tell us if there is any good way?



  • ADP7182 Noise reduction question in datasheet

    Hello all,

    first time poster here, so I am not sure if this ends in the right forum:

    I am working with some poer regulators: LDO type, positive and negative:

    ADP7118 and ADP7182 in SOT23-5 Package, just for some information. Adjustable versions


  • EVAL-AD5791 board has EPAD of ADP7182 not connected as per datasheet.

    EPAD of ADP7182 on EVAL-AD5791 is connected to GND while datasheet of ADP7182 mentions it is internally connected to VIN and externally it should be connected to VIN.

    Which one is correct? and if datasheet is correct I wonder how evaluation boards are even…

  • Are there any SPICE simulation models for the ADP7142 & ADP7182?


    David B

  • ADP7182 和 ADP7142 型号和输出电压的关系?

    ADP7182 和 ADP7142 型号和输出电压的关系?





  • RE: ADP7182采用固定输出对输入的要求

    使用稳压器的目的是稳压。 线性稳压器需要输入大于输出(正输出型), 或者输入小于输入一定幅度(负输出型)。 如果使用输入电压等于输出, 稳压器是没法正常工作的。没法起到稳压作用。在你的情况下。输出电压取决于你的电路负载。不论是短期还是长期使用, 电压都是不确定的。