• ADP7182


    My design drives this device with -16V for an intended regulated output of -15

    Problem: no output (-0.3v or so).

    The EN pin is tied to the -16V input.

    Then, I read the data sheet:

    Absolute Maximum Ratings

    EN to GND 5 V to VIN

    EN to…

  • ADP7182 Maximum Ratings



    I have a question ADP7182.


    Now , My custmer using ADP7182.
    A reverse current prevention diode is inserted between VIN and VOUT.


    Considering that the absolute maximum rating VOUT = VIN is taken into consideration, the reverse current prevention…

  • ADP7182 partner series?

    Hi there. I'm looking to use the ADP7182 series regulators for a design I am working on - do you have a recommended partner series for positive voltages? Thanks in advance!

  • ADP7182 adj issue

    Hi there,

    We are using ADP7182 and trying to adjust Vout to -1.8V from -25V input but currently we only can get about -2.5V output with Resistor 60.4KOhm and 110KOhm. any suggestion on this?

    Thank you.

  • ADP7182  6 pin Device

    Hi ,

    Could you please let me know if the connection in Figure 101 is correct with respect to 6 pin .

    Data sheet stated to connected Exposed PAD to  VIN but the in the figure it seems Exposed pad is connected to GND .

    Which one is correct with regards…

  • ADP7182 EN pin


    I'm using ADP7182ACPZ,  and driving the EN pin using the bellow schematic. For some reason when Q201 is open, I get 0.45V at EN pin. What is the the input impedance of the EN pin?



  • ADP7182 macro model availability?

    Can you please provide an update on when an LTSpice macro model (.lib,.asy) might become available? The ADP7142 family of positive regulators are in the ADI.lib, but not the ADP7182. Thank you, Peter Holloway

  • ADP7182 figure 62 Error??

    The ADP7182 data sheet shows that Vout = -15V ADJ NR (noise reduction) is worst than Vout = -15 ADJ.  Are the colors in the graph reversed?  It seems to me that the noise reduction circuit should have less noise than the non noise reduction circuit.

  • Eagle Library for ADP7182


    I've just made the eagle library for ADP7182. I am not sure if I have all done properly, so it would be kind if somebody can review and check if the dimensions and connections of the pins are allright, just in case if I done something wrong.…

  • ADP7182 - Behaviour after mistaken voltage polarity


    I have been tasked to troubleshoot a PCB that is powered by an ADP7142-2.5 (providing +2.5V) and an ADP7182-2.5 (providing -2.5V). The ADP7182 was exposed for about to 3-5 seconds to +3.7V (instead of -3.7V), due to the battery being plugged in the…