• ADP7182


    My design drives this device with -16V for an intended regulated output of -15

    Problem: no output (-0.3v or so).

    The EN pin is tied to the -16V input.

    Then, I read the data sheet:

    Absolute Maximum Ratings

    EN to GND 5 V to VIN

    EN to…

  • RE: About the exposed pad connection

    Hi Wangkes,

    The reason why you are not seeing a hard short between VIN and EPAD is because the conductive material between the EPAD and substrate is not really low impedance. For proper operation of the ADP7182, the EPAD must be connected to VIN.

    One of…

  • RE: EVAL-AD7770FMCZ - AVSSX supply


    Can you isolate the ADP7182 by removing SL24. Then try to check the output at this link. It's weird that it is around -1.42V because the reference of ADP7182 is -1.22V and the configuration in the board was designed for -1.65V output. May I know if…

  • RE: LDO as current source

    Yes. ADP7182 can be used as current source. 

  • ADP7182 Maximum Ratings



    I have a question ADP7182.


    Now , My custmer using ADP7182.
    A reverse current prevention diode is inserted between VIN and VOUT.


    Considering that the absolute maximum rating VOUT = VIN is taken into consideration, the reverse current prevention…

  • RE: LDO regulators in series to provide +/- filtered power rails?

    In case you are interested ADI now offers negative LDOs

    ADP7182 is one of them.


  • RE: ADP5071 can't start when load large capacitors.

    Thanks! your reply may help me solving the startup problems of ADP7182 after ADP5070

  • ADP5071 Design tool

    hi sir

    I want to design the adp5071 & adp7182,adp7142 for ADC

    Does ADI Support the design tool?


  • RE: ADP7182 adj issue

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