• ADP7142 in enable

    I have a question about ADP7142.

    I'm planning the following circuit about ADP7142.
    A different power source is connected to output of ADP7142.
    While a EN terminal in ADP7142 is L, a different power source supplies a power.
    The different power source…

  • ADP7142 Spice Model

    Original Question: ADP7142 Spice Model by peter.clerico


    Is a Spice model for the ADP7142 planned, and if so can you indicate when it is expected to be ready?


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    Hi Peter,

    Yes, the simulation…

  • ADP7142(ARDZ-5.0-R7) output out of range, fixed in -0.786v

    Hi all, I hope you can help me with the following:


    I'm testing a dual power supply with the adp7142 for +10v (positive 200mA) and the tps7a30 for -10v (negative 200mA). The source is a pair of 12v batteries in series configuration so the adp714…

  • ADP5071 Design tool

    hi sir

    I want to design the adp5071 & adp7182,adp7142 for ADC

    Does ADI Support the design tool?


  • RE: 推荐LDO或DC-DC用于AD7190


  • RE: ADP7142 Output abnormality

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  • RE: ADP7142 for use with ADAU1701

    Hello Chmed,

    85ma * 3.3V = 280mW

    60ma * 1.8V = 108mW

    Oops, now I see my mistake in trying to get an answer too quickly. I counted the reset currents...

    So that is 388mW without IOVDD.

    388mW / 3.3V = 118 ma without IOVDD.

    I am also not counting the…

  • ADP7142 Configuration with 24 - 5V

    Hi Forum Team,

    I have a doubt about the recommended configuration for the ADP7142 chip. The configuration I made with the Excel tool of this chip, after it was recommended from ADISimPower, includes an input resistance between the input 24V and the Vin…

  • RE: ADP7182 partner series?

    Basically a matched part to the ADP7182 - seems like ADP7118 / ADP7142 are similarly speced for the positive rail. Vin = 9V, Vout = 2.5V / 5V, Iout = 200mA.

  • RE: Negative power supply/regulator for the AD8336

    Hi Oluwa,

    You can use ADP7182 (negative LDO) for the -3 to -12 V supply. ADP7142 for +3 to +12 V supply. Or you can check ADP5070 to provide you + 3V to + 12V supply.