• ADP7118

    Hi, have the next problem.
    When I connect to the power supply, that ADP7118 may not turn on, and it is necessary to turn the board power on and off several times.
    It feeds two operational amplifiers. The negative voltage is done using ADP7182. There are…

  • ADP7118


  • ADP7118 PSRR and noise graph for 15V output.


    I am planning to use ADP7118 to regulate my switching regulator's output. The output voltage of ADP7118 is going to be 15 with 0.5V to 1V headroom and the load is about 80mA to 120mA. I need PSRR and noise spectrum graph under these conditions…

  • RE: ADP7116 : junction temperature

    Do you mean the ADP7118? if so I believe they use the evaluation board to get that data. So it would be similar to the layout of the ADP7118 eval board.

  • RE: ADP7182 partner series?

    Hi plee-mcc@analog,

    Thanks for your response. Yes, for the specs you've given, you may use ADP7118 as a partner positive regulator for the ADP7182. ADP7118 is enough if your input voltage will not exceed 20V.



  • ADP7118 Soft Start Time

    Hi All,

    I have a question about SStime calculation for the ADP7118 LDO.

    In the data sheet page 15, SStime calculation equation is expressed as next,

    SStime (usec) = 380us + 0.6*Css, (where Css is in F)

    When Css is 10nF, SStime is calculated as 380us…

  • 使用多个ADP7118或7112的问题




  • RE: Part ADP3331ARTZ-REEL7 is identified as NRND and we had selected this part to use in our new product. Can you please suggest any form fit function replacement for this part


    ADP7118 will be a good replacement part. It has the same output current capability (200mA) and package option (TSOT) when compared to ADP3331.



  • ADP7118AUJZ-3.3-R7输出异常


  • RE: ADP7104没电压输出,ADP7118输出不正常