• RE: ADR421 and ADP7104ARDZ-50 schematics and PCB files (Altium Designer)


    Is this what are you looking for:

    ADR421: Symbols & Footprint ADR421

    ADP7104: Symbols & Footprint ADP7104

    Please let me know if this helps.



  • RE: AD7902+ADP7104-2.5V组合工作电流过大



  • ADP7104 and ADP151 input and output Capacitor

    Dear support,

    in my design I use ADP7104 and ADP151 linear regulator.

    In the figure 2 on pag.1 of the ADP7104 datasheet it reports an Electrolytic Capacitor, if I correctly understand,

    but on pag. 17 of the datasheet, it is written that ceramic…

  • RE: ADP3338 - 5V output with 0V input

    Hi grbk,

    Usually there is a diode in parallel with the pass element of an LDO, having a higher voltage on the output compared to the input by 0.3V would turn this on and probably destroy it. In the condition that the input is equal to 0V, the ADP3338…

  • 关于ADP7104-3.3

        用ADP7104-3.3做了一个稳压器,输入5V,输出3.3V。正常工作时候电流约为70mA。输出端并了三个电容:一个3528 10V 100uF的钽电容(靠近输出引脚)、一个0603 1uF 陶瓷电容、一个0603 1nF的陶瓷电容。



  • RE: voltage indicator

    It looks like you need a couple of comparators. You will have to set them up to control one or the other LED and or turn on a power supply for the LEDs. Let me know if you have specific questions about the parts.

    The ADMP356 may be useful


  • RE: AD9265-FMC reference design / Power Supply

    Based on the data published on the AD9265 FMC wiki page


    The power consumption from the 12V rail should be <600mA as the ADP7104 is limited to 500mA and the other additional load is an LED. I doubt…

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  • RE: EVAL-AD7687-PMDZ with Arduino

    I have been testing the board and have seen that Vout of the ADP7104 is 1.8V. This is the voltage fed into the AD7678 which works from 2.5V-5V, so it seems like there is a problem there. Can anyone confirm please.