• LT1129-5 vs ADP7102 for providing power to the AD7928?


    I would like to know if you could provide some facts in terms of specifications for the LT1129-5 and ADP7102 that can help to define which fits better for providing power to the AD7928.

    I wonder if I can use a switching supply along with the LT1129…

  • RE: ADP7102 ADIsimPower input capacitor error

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  • RE: 正在使用ADP7102的先生们请进来

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  • ADP7102输出异常!

    如图:ADP7102的输入电压15V,同时EN/UVLOVin短接以保证芯片上电自启动, ADP7102的输出Vout通过调配电阻设置为12VVout用来给几个运放芯片供电,所以负载电流对芯片毫无压力。 VinVout芯片引脚边上各自接了一个2.2uf对地电容,电容的电介质为X7R

    问题来了, ADP7102有时输出异常,为-0.8Vor +0.8V,抱歉有点记不清了),有时则输出正常的+11.98V。 以为芯片坏了,换了2颗新的ADP7102也是一样情况。 后来发现了一个非常奇怪的规律…

  • RPG of ADP7102

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have a question for your LDO ADP7102.

    If I do not put 100kohm RPG resister as your Fig.62 page-17 data sheet, then is the output voltage larger than designed value as formula VOUT=1.22 V{1+(R1/R2)}?

    We tried to use your ADP7102 a…

  • 关于ADP7102的NC(第4引脚)的连接问题。

    dear all:

            将ADP7102的NC(第4引脚)接地的话会导致没有电压输出吗?数据手册上标记的是“NO CONNECT.DO NOT CONNECT TO THIS PIN.”而在做板时已经将其接地,现在测试时没有电压输出,这可能是NC接地导致的吗?通常情况下NC不是可以接地的吗?

  • 请教ADP7102


    1)现想把ADP7102的EN/UVLO直接接VIN,但手册上表明EN/UVLO的最大额定值为VIN(我的VIN是12v) ,这样接不知道长期工作可靠吗?如果可靠,这个脚应该直接接VIN,还是串个电阻更好。

    2)12v到5v的转换压差大,请问是只对芯片的VOUT VIN GND管脚增大覆铜面积还是所有管脚?



  • ADP3303 Vs ADP7102

    Dear ADI Team,

    We are in the process of selecting an appropriate LDO for our design and i wanted to request for your inputs on ADP3303 Vs ADP7102 for our application.

    (1) In our design, we have a DC/DC converter (NMK2409SAC) generating 9V DC from 24V…

  • I would like to use an ADR3450 in order to build a 300mA, high precision, 5V voltage regulator.

    I would like to use an ADR3450 in order to build a 300mA, high precision, 5V
    voltage regulator.
    How can use it, if the maximun input voltage is really 5.5V (6V in absolute
    maximum ratings)?


    The ADR3450 would need an input voltage of 5.2 to 5.5V. Its…

  • RE: Protection diodes with ADP7142

    Hi Yuki,

    There are ESD protection diodes on all our ADP7142 LDOs by default. You'll be able to verify them via diode test on all the pins.

    That said, the ADP7142 does not have active reverse protection circuitry (unlike ADP7102/3/5) and therefore…