• RPG of ADP7102

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have a question for your LDO ADP7102.

    If I do not put 100kohm RPG resister as your Fig.62 page-17 data sheet, then is the output voltage larger than designed value as formula VOUT=1.22 V{1+(R1/R2)}?

    We tried to use your ADP7102 a…

  • RE: ADP3303 Vs ADP7102

    Hi Sridhar,

    The output accuracy of ADP3303 and ADP7102 are about the same. The ADP7102 has lower noise: by keeping the LDO error amplifier in unity gain and setting the reference voltage equal to the output voltage, the ADP7102 fixed output versions…

  • ADP7102输出异常!

    如图:ADP7102的输入电压15V,同时EN/UVLOVin短接以保证芯片上电自启动, ADP7102的输出Vout通过调配电阻设置为12VVout用来给几个运放芯片供电,所以负载电流对芯片毫无压力。 VinVout芯片引脚边上各自接了一个2.2uf对地电容,电容的电介质为X7R

    问题来了, ADP7102有时输出异常,为-0.8Vor +0.8V,抱歉有点记不清了),有时则输出正常的+11.98V。 以为芯片坏了,换了2颗新的ADP7102也是一样情况。 后来发现了一个非常奇怪的规律…

  • RE: 请教ADP7102


  • RE: ADP1712 Enable/Disable Voltage Tolerance

    I took a look at the ADP7102 it looks like a great product!  In this particular case, our primary goal was to power a digital sensor with a supply that reaches 3.3V in less than 100us, so the 800us start-up time in the ADP7102 will not meet this objective…

  • 正在使用ADP7102的先生们请进来


  • ADR3450

    I would like to use an ADR3450 in order to build a 300mA, high precision, 5V
    voltage regulator.
    How can use it, if the maximun input voltage is really 5.5V (6V in absolute
    maximum ratings)?


    The ADR3450 would need an input voltage of 5.2 to 5…

  • ADP7102 ADIsimPower input capacitor error

    ADIsimPower is a very nice tool.. a real time saver.  However I noticed an error in the tool for the ADP2102.

    Using parameters for input voltage of +12V the tool specified an input capacitor rated at 6.3V.  Either that, or C1 and C2 in the diagram below…

  • RE: AD9548 Dev Board Power Supplies

    Hi Andy,

    We recommend the ADP151, which is a higher current version of the ADP150:


    Also, the linear team has just introduced the 300mA ADP7102 & 500mA ADP7104…

  • RE: Question for Gesture Sensor ADUX1020

    Note 12V could not supply to this due to that eval board SDP-B was broken also my PC/ USB BUS.......

    ADP7102 and FDN335/FET can accept 12V no problem.

    J2 on ADUX1020 MCM board was also offed=opened.

    Please advice us !!!

    Thanks KAOS