• ADP5589 question

    Dear Sir,

    ADP5589 have driver for windows10 mobile?

    ADP5589 have EVM document?


  • ADP5589 for Zynq Petalinux

    We are using the PMOD-IOXP from Digilent containing the ADP5589 chip, for interfacing a 4*4 Matrix Keypad with the Zynq running on Petalinux.

    We have gone through the official link containing the driver details for interfacing with the Linux OS:
  • ADP5589 Device Tree Driver

    Does a device tree driver exist for the ADP5589 keyboard controller? It looks like there's a platform driver, but we're looking for a device tree driver to use in our Buildroot distribution.

  • ADP5589 - Clearing /INT

    Figure 13 in the data sheet implies the /INT output (via EVENT_INT) deasserts when the FIFO is empty but that isn't the behavior I observe. My code monitors when /INT goes low then reads the event count register then reads that many FIFOs. But even though…

  • ADP5589 pull up resistor


    ADP5589 IO expander has  the pull-up resistors of 100Kohm and 300Kohm.

    Though I have not used  the big value pull up resistor as 300Kohm, 

      is this pull up resistor for low current consumption ?

    I think that user selects the pull up resitor based…

  • ADP5589 - Microcontroller NO-OS Driver question

    Someone by email asked:

    > hi was working with the quick start quide with setting up the ADP5589 with

    > the Renesas RX62N microcontroller.

    I'm assuming from:


    > After…

  • Drivers for Linux, No-OS microcontrollers and FPGA

    I need to selected one device with linux driver and windows 7 or 8. Does this
    device these drivers?


    Drivers for ADP5589 are available on our Wiki website. For Linux drivers kindly
    refer to the following website:

  • RE: Software driver needed for the microchip MCP23017 I/O expander

    Hi Jeff,

    We don't have a driver for the MCP23017 chip, but we can suggest you to use our ADP5589 part. The ADP5589 is a 19 channel GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) port expander with built-in keypad matrix decoder, programmable logic, reset logic…

  • RE: ADP5587 SPEC. Question

    Hello Jacky,

    The ADP5587 has pull-ups enabled by default on start-up. The maximum recommended sink current is 1mA per pin.

    Other chips to consider are the ADP5585, ADP5586, and the ADP5589. These are able to source up to 5 mA and sink up to 10 mA per…

  • RE: I have a small query on ADP5585?

    Hello Jakkireddy,

    I'm sorry but I don't have any specific reference code for the ADP5585 in Linux 3.12 other than the link to our reference driver's wiki page: