• RE: ADP5585

    Hello Pujan,

    The ADP5585 interfaces with the microcontroller via I2C. The ADP5585 interfaces with the user by either GPIO mode, KP mode, or special pins. If you setup the ADP5585 to accept GPIO signals, the ADP5585 will still report the results to the…

  • RE: ADP5586

    Hello bcavan,

    Unfortunately, the ADP5586 only comes in a WLCSP (BGA) package. It was designed with tight spaces in mind. The sister chip to the ADP5586 is the ADP5585. They program up very similarly, and the ADP5585 can come in the LFCSP package which…

  • ADP5585

    Hello, everyone.

    I would like to confirm how to use ADP5585.

    Can ADP5585 use key matrix function and GPIO function and PWM control function at the same moment?

    GPIO function is for LED backlight enable/disable.

    And PWM control function is for LED…

  • RE: ADP5585 default register status

    Hello Moshe,

    The ADP5585 comes in a few different flavors with respect to the initial state of the GPIOs. On page 8 of the ADP5585 datasheet Rev. A, there is a listing of the different options.

    If using the WLCSP, option ADP5585ACBZ-02-R7 will allow…

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  • RE: ADP5585 configuration of Registers

    Hello Ryan,

    Thank you! I have configured ADP5585 as a keyboard matrix of 4*4.I want to use the interrupt of ADP5585,and I configured the 0x38(0F)、0x39(0F)、0x3B(C2) and 0x3C(01).But I press one of the keyboard,it will generate a interrupt and the INT…

  • RE: I have a small query on ADP5585?

    Hello Jakkireddy,

    I'm sorry but I don't have any specific reference code for the ADP5585 in Linux 3.12 other than the link to our reference driver's wiki page:


  • RE: ADP5585 Evaluation board information

    The ADP5585 is a subset of the ADP5520

    You can find some information on the ADP5520 documentation.

    ADP5520 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices

    Best Regards,


  • RE: ADP5585死机问题



  • False Key Detection in ADP5585

    HI all.,

    We are facing a false key detection on our product. We are using the Keypad Decoder ADP5585 IC for the KEypad logic on our product.

    The datasheet of ADP5585 specifies that a Key press will be detected after a key scan during which the columns…