• ADP5360 High Current Drain in PWM Mode


    We designed a board that is powered by ADP5360 PMIC. The chip seems to be working as expected, by default the VOUT1 is turned on (Buck), while the VOUT2 (Buck Boost) is off. We can regulate the buck output voltage, enable/disable charging, enable…

  • ADP5360 eval not working: The VI is not executable

    I'm trying to connect to the ADP5360 demo board using the USB-SDP-CABLEZ but am getting the following error when starting the software:

    "The VI is not executable. The full development version of LabVIEW is required to fix the errors."


  • adp5360 evaluation board

    Dear Sir.

    I am using ADP5360 EVALZ , Connecting 1 cell lithium battery ,

    Applying to VBUS voltage of 4.5V.

    I need to evaluate the fuel gauge routine.

    This screenshot is taken at 3 pm

    This screenshot is taken16 hors later/ at 7 am almost 16 hours…

  • ADP5360 Design problems


    We want to design a wireless application and wanted to use the ADP5360 IC. We manufactured a few prototype PCBs and ran into a problem.

    At first, when the PCB was connected to the battery, it caused the IC to overheat. Then, the PCB was connected…

  • ADP5360 EN_BAT_INT

    For the battery voltage threshold interrupt, what voltage is this referring to?  Battery Detection Battery Threshold Low/High (VBATL/VBATH), Battery Overdischarge Monitoring Undervoltage Threshold (VBPUV_FALL), etc.

  • ADP5360 'Charge Completed' never reached

    Dear Support Team,

    I am using an ADP5360 (in a Nordic Semiconductor product). Please, I would have two questions on topics for which I am confused:

    (1) Reading the register CHARGER_STATUS1, I am able to see successive steps of the Li-Po 1440mA battery…

  • How do I set up the Buck-Boost Output of the ADP5360?

    How do I set up the Buck-Boost Output of the ADP5360?

    Is there a table that shows the binary code that corresponds to the output voltage?





    I am testing the ADP5360 Fuel Gauge and I found that this fuel gauge does not display the measured current. Also to my understanding, this F.G is using a SoC preprogrammed graph to determine the state of charge. Measuring Li-Ion battery SoC based…

  • ADP5360 Grounding


    in Fig. 62 (Recommend Layout) the datasheet of the ADP5360 the ENSD (B3) is connected AGND2 (B2) to pull it low.

    AGND2 is not connected to anything else.

    Are AGND1 and AGND2 internally connected? Is the the layout depicted in the datasheet functioning…

  • ADP5360 Maximum Battery Capacity


    I'm using the ADP5360 evaluation board in conjunction with USB-SDP-CABLEZ and ADP5360 DEMO GUI and I see that the state of charged is computed using the battery capacity. I'm using a Li-Po battery with 950 mAh capacity, I tried to write that…