• ADP5360 Design problems


    We want to design a wireless application and wanted to use the ADP5360 IC. We manufactured a few prototype PCBs and ran into a problem.

    At first, when the PCB was connected to the battery, it caused the IC to overheat. Then, the PCB was connected…


    Yes, you are correct. The charging current would be very small when charging is at it's end (the charging stage would be at termination current). This is why I don't think that the FG measures the charge current, or at least doesn't take it into account…

  • ADP5360 behaivour when the USB cable is disconnected while a charged battery is connected

    What happens when the USB cable is connected from the ADP5360 while charged battery is connected? In our current design that is inspired by your datasheet, we experience a voltage drop on Vsys during 1-2 ms @ a load of 200mA. I assume it take som time…

  • ADP5360 EN_BAT_INT

    For the battery voltage threshold interrupt, what voltage is this referring to?  Battery Detection Battery Threshold Low/High (VBATL/VBATH), Battery Overdischarge Monitoring Undervoltage Threshold (VBPUV_FALL), etc.

  • adp5360

    Dear Sir.

    I am using ADP5360 .   Then ENSP pin is connected to gnd through 10k resistor.

    I am trying to configure the ADP5360 for shipment mode by  writing

    to register ADP536X_SHIPMENT = 0x36 value of 0x01. but no success .

    I still get the 3.3V output.

  • ADP5360

    Dear Sir,

    I am using ADP5360 . 

    Is there a way to read the battery temperature , even when no charge is applied 


  • ADP5360


    we are using ADP5360. A little question: RESET pin is push-pull (as seems from data-sheet) or it is open-drain?



  • ADP5360





    We are using ADP5360 EVB in the project. In the following measurement, the Buck Boost output is set to 3.3V and

    a resistor (RLoad) is added as a load to measure the current. The voltage VLoad is the measured voltage acro…

  • ADP5360 Grounding


    in Fig. 62 (Recommend Layout) the datasheet of the ADP5360 the ENSD (B3) is connected AGND2 (B2) to pull it low.

    AGND2 is not connected to anything else.

    Are AGND1 and AGND2 internally connected? Is the the layout depicted in the datasheet functioning…


    Hi, i have a board with ADP5360 and i would like to get asserted the /INT when SOCLOW.

    The pullup resistor is present, the FUEL GAUGE enabled in ACTIVE_MODE, the INTERRUPT_ENABLE1 enabled but the interrupt is not asserted when the battery voltage is below…