• Regarding ADP5301

    Original Question: Regarding ADP5301 by dinesh_10097


    I am Dinesh ,I'm using ADP5301 Regulator to generate 3.3V from battery supply and I would like to verify the design from Analog devices Application engineer.

    All things are as expected from…

  • ADP5301 Mode Selection


    I'm DFAE in Japan. I try to propose ADI Buck Converter to our customer as very low stand by power vs ABLIC S-85S1A as follows.


    I pick up ADP5301. Can ADP5301 automatically…

  • About SMPS ADI : ADP5301


    • I would like to use ADP5301ACBZ-2-R7, Option 0 without output discharge. But I would like to use a 1.1v or 1.0v output. This output value is only available in Option 1.

      Is it still possible to make a resistor divider outside the VID pad in order…

  • ADP5301 Soft Start Factory options

    The datasheet for the ADP5301 has 3 part numbers listed in the ordering guide that detail what the factory options are for voltage and quick output discharge but do not state the soft start option.  Is the assumption that all parts are at the default soft…

  • How to know the factory option of the ADP5301

    According to datasheeet of ADP5301,I know there are two factory options of ADP5301, but when I want to purchase it, I can't find any information about factory option, how should I choose? 

    What are factory options of ADP5301ACBZ-1-R7, ADP5301ACBZ-2-R7…

  • No-load quiescent current draw on ADP5301 is too high

    My evaluation board is configured for PWM (Sync/Mode pin is at Vin). The output is set to 3.0 volts and the input is 5.0 volts. With no load, the current draw is 5.75 mA. If I configure the regulator for hysteretic mode, the current draw is per the datasheet…

  • RE: No-load quiescent current of ADP5304

    Hello Kevin,

    Thank you for sharing the information.

    Since the high efficiency at ultra light load is very important to me, and ADP5301's performance seems better than ADP5304.

    So, I'll buy ADP5301 for my system. Thank you!



  • RE: 3.3v from ADP5090 + single-cell li-ion?


    if you want to get ta 3.3V output from the battery, you can use a ultra-low power LDO ADP165/165 or switching regulator ADP5301 connecting to SYS.

  • RE: ADP5091 function

    Hi HOD,

    REG_OUT is regulated output that can be selected by VID but SYS is a floating output that can be charged up to TERM threshold. if you want to use this output, it's better to connect ADP5300 or ADP5301 at SYS pin controlled by ADP5091 PGOOD.…

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