• ADP5300 ADISimPower


    I want to ADP5300 ADISimPower tool(Excel).

    For example, I want to get Vout=2.3V efficiency.

    When will the tool be released?


  • ADP5300 changing factory option

    Hi, the factory option of my ADP5300 is "0", but I would like to change it to "1" because I need to set my output voltage to 1V. Would it be possible to change the factory option by myself (i.e. without sending the IC back to my distributor)?…

  • ADP5300 Hysteresis mode noise

    The ADP5300 shows/has higher output ripple and output noise in its hysteresis mode when compared to PWM mode. This affects the radio's performance. Are there any recommended filtering solutions for the hysteresis mode when the buck is driving a radio…

  • RE: ADP5300 : Default mode

    Hello Guillaume,

    There is a 50nA pull down current source. Maybe you can reserve the pull down resistor to your evaluation.



  • ADP5300 : Apply an output voltage


    I'm using the ADP5300 and 2 alkaline cells to power my board.

    I have a question regarding a special case :

    When programming/debugging the mcu, the board is powered from the debug probe and a voltage is applied at the output of the ADP5300…


      Hi this about a project we have with a client please if you
    could assist: As you know, we are implementing the ADP5300 on a IOT solution.
    The boards received, except one, have really low output impedance (50-250
    Ohm).  I started the qualification

  • Output voltage fluctuation of ADP5300

    Hello. please teach.

    I use ADP5300 under the following condition.

    Vin : 2.5 to 3.6V

    Vout : 2.3V

    Iout : about 3mA

    Changing Vin, Vout is also change. Vout has two valus depending on Vin, and the difference is about 100mV.

    Is there any countermeas…

  • RE: MPPT and Charge Management IC with output current up 600mA ?


    Yes, ADP5090 can only support 3.3V. for big power solar panel like 1W, maybe you can use ADP5300 and ADP5061 to charge the battery.

  • RE: No-load quiescent current draw on ADP5301 is too high

    425uA Iq is under none switching condition. you set PWM mode but ADP5300 is still switching with 2MHz frequency so that the input current is milliamper level without load.



  • RE: No-load quiescent current of ADP5304

    Hi Ian,

    If you use the ADP5304-EVALZ, there is a regulator diode D3 at PVIN so that may increase the input current. If you don't use the VINOK function, you can try ADP5300. The quiescent would be around 180nA.