• ADP5092 configuration

    Hi EZ, 

    I am currently trying to re-configure the ADP5092. This is the behavior that I am looking for :

    -Vsys = 2.4V constant to power up my microprocessor

    -Reg_out = 3.6V constant to power up another ADP

    According to the datasheet, if I want to fix…

  • ADP5091/ADP5092 Quiescent current


    I'm currently working on a power consumption model for a sensor node. The power management stage will be based on an ADP5092.

    I'm planing to use the Reg_Out in LDO-only mode. I didn't found the Quiescent current for this case. The documentation…

  • ADP5092 battery charging threshold

    Hello everybody.

    I rrecently bought an ADP5092-EVALZ. I changed the resistor bridges in accordance with the systèmes I want to prototype but the datas I get aren't what I've been expecting.

    I choose TERM to be 4,25V. So I installed resistors…

  • ADP5091 / ADP5092 BACK_UP to REG_OUT

    It is a question about ADP5091 / ADP5092.
    Is it possible to output to the REG_OUT terminal by input from the BACK_UP terminal?

    It seems impossible in our experiment on the evaluation board.

    Best regards

  • ADP5092 and CT harvester

    MPPT for a current transformer based energy harvester may or may not make sense, but either way it definitely needs to be configured differently than you would for a PV.

    The ADP5092 datasheet provides an example of how to use a CT with that chip:


  • Connecting ADP5092 with a Wireless Power Receiver

    Hello-We need to integrate Wireless Power Receiver (BQ51051B) in our design for wireless sensor that uses ADP5092 to charge a 3.7v Li-Po battery from solar cells. The battery is connected directly to the BAT pin on ADP5092. I was wondering if we can also…

  • RE: Best LI Ion Battery and Solar and System Power

    Hi Alan,

    1. The difference between the ADP5091 and ADP5092 is pin 11. ADP5091 pin 11 is "LLD" and ADP5092 pin 11 is "REG_GOOD". Here's a quick description for each:

    2. The best choice mostly depends on your solar panel and battery…

  • What is this symbol?

    This snippet is from the ADP5092 manual, in the functional block diagram.  What is the highlighted component?  Is that an inductor printed right on the dye?  If so, how big is it (in terms of at least order of magnitude)

  • What is Hysteresis Boost?

    I am reading the datasheet for the ADP5092 and they reference "hysteresis boost."  I understand what a hysteresis regulator is for lowering the voltage, but what does it mean in the context of the ADP5092?

    What I'm specifically wondering is…

  • RE: ADP5091 function

    Hi HOD.

    ADP5092 REG_OUT is same as ADP5091 but therer is no REG_OUT in ADP5090.