• ADP5091 Programming Threshold Resistors and expected SYS voltage on the ADP5091 EVM

    I am trying to compare the values in table 8 of the data sheet and those chosen for the Evaluation board for ADP5091.

    I am applying 0.5V in and I get a SYS voltage of 3.7V,  this the expected output ?

  • ADP5091 SPICE Model

    Hi, I've looked in LTspice, online, and called technical support trying to find a SPICE model for the ADP5091 Ultralow Power Energy Harvester PMU with MPPT and Charge Management chip to no avail. Is it possible to get a SPICE model for this chip? Thanks…

  • ADP5091 Ground connections

    I am finalising my layout and I have noticed that the evaluation boards appear to have the Power Ground and Analog ground connected to a single ground plane connection. Can I please confirm that this is correct and that I am not missing some reason why…

  • ADP5091 Question



    Please tell me about the operation of the ADP5091.


    The problem is that the voltage of Vbat rises to a voltage higher than Vbat_term set.
    The setting value of Vbat_term is TYP: 5.03 V
    Rterm 1 = 8.06 MΩ
    Rterm 2 = 3.48 MΩ

    With this set value up to about…

  • ADP5091 5V OUTPUT

    I have a question about ADP 5091.
    Use the VID terminal to select the output of the regulator from 1.5 V to 3.6 V.
    However, the graph on the datasheet shows the efficiency at 5 V output.
    Is it impossible to use the regulator output to 5 V and LDO output to…

  • ADP5091 Demo Board Question


    I purchased ADP5091-2-EVAL kits for a project.

    I referred to the user guide but did not find the parts number of the PV cells.

    Would you tell me this information?

    Best Regards,

  • Data Acquisition of ADP5091


    I'm testing with the ADP5091 evaluation board, and I don't know how to mesure and acquise its electrical parameters(input voltage and current, outputs), as shown in the figure below.

    Charging current is very low at micro-ampere level…

  • Qestions about ADP5091


    The data sheet recommeds a 22uH inductance for the boost regulator.

    Could you let me know the calculation formula for the inductor ?


    The data sheet page 1 mentions that ADP5091 can cover up to 600mW input power.

    On the other hand, the input peak…

  • Question about ADP5091



    I have two questions about ADP5091. Please take care of this case.


    1. Question about MPPT value.

    Please take a look at the attachment. I set the MPPT to 0.5 (10Mohm + 10Mohm resistor divider) but could not get 0.5 actually.

    - How come I could…