• ADP5080 I2C Timing


    My customer is considering using ADP 5080 and received a question.

    REG 2 is used for VDDIO and another DCDC regulator is used for I2C pull-up.
    When the EN pin was set to H, the power supply sequence did not start and was not output.

    # 1   I referred…

  • About ADP5080 Pin  Impedance


    My customers are evaluating using ADP 5080, but it does not start up even when EN is set to the high level. When VIN 5 is opened and EN is set to High, it is in a state to rise.
    Also, when VIN5 was open, the boosted voltage was seen as same as CP…

  • Need ADP5080 Gerber File


    We need ADP5080 PMU IC evolution Board gerber file .

    My E-mail:jackbcp@gmail.com




  • Questions for your ADP5080

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are just studying your ADP5080.

    So I have some questions for you.

    1)Do you have the trace layout of evalboard?

      We would like to use for our reference design.

    2)If we dont use ch-7, then how should we deal any setting?

    3)If we…

  • Accuracy of the ADP5080 internal sequencer

    My customers are considering ADP 5080.
    ADP 5080 is equipped with an internal sequencer.
    For example, the delay time can be varied from 0 to 14 ms with EN_DLY 2 of the EN_DLY 12 register.

    What is the accuracy of this delay time?
    I think that it depends on…

  • ADP5080 efficiency test diagram from datasheet

    Hi ADI Expert 

    I have a customer who tested ADP5080 EVB eff but the test result of Ch.1 is mismatched from the eff diagram from datasheet, below are the test condition I have checked with him

    1. Customer used Auto PSM mode for test

    2.  When he tested…

  • Question about ADP5080 eval board I2C interface U2


    I'm trying to test ADP5080 eval board, and I have a simple question.

    According to user guide, it seems that I2C interface U2(PCA95557D) gives EN and EN34 High voltage with JP3 and JP5 shorted.

    I want to know the slave address of U2, and register…

  • ADP5080 Gerber file and some questions about spec

    Hi ADI Expert,

    Can you please kindly share the gerber file of ADP5080 to me? Thanks!!

    And I have some questions about ADP5080's spec, can you please kindly help to answer my questions as below :

    1. CLKO is the internal switching clock used for Channel…

  • Part Question

    What is the start time of ADP5080 and LTC3111 at room temperature?

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