• No output on ADP5074

    We are baffled and wonder if you can solve this for us.

    Our supply labeled +15V is +12V.

    Pin 9: 1.592V, pin 11: 4.25V, pin 6: 2.8V, pin 7: 3.93V.

    We are expecting -12V on pin 1 but getting 0V.  The results are the same both with and without load.

  • ADP5074 will not turn on

    I have implemented a -6V and -15V power with the ADP5074.  neither will turn on.  I am including a snip of the schematic with these 2 devices.  Show me the fatal error.

  • ADP5074 vs ADP5073

    I have a +5V to -15.5V inverter based on the ADP5073. Design based on the Design Tool. I used an output current of 100mA and the tool indicated ADP5073. Though the effective current on steady state is only around 20mA, the startup current is high due…

  • EVAL-ADP5074 documentation

    As previously with eval kit of the ADP5075, documentation is missing in the web page. Came on folks, that sends a negative message to prospective users of the part. At list to me it does.

    Anyway, can you provide documentation. I am considering testing…

  • RE: ADP5074 EN can shut down the IC completely or not (no any VOUT)?

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • RE: ADP5073 efficiency


    You need ADP5074 to get higher output current. Even then, ADP5074 at your input and output voltages can only provide up to around 0.8A. At 0.8A, efficiency will be about 72%.

  • RE: voltage inverter

    Yes. ADP5074 cannot have 1A output

  • RE: Ask a question about LT8620


    1. In fact, the efficiency is quite different. At a similar duty cycle and input voltage range, 

    For the ADP5074, the peak efficiency is around 80%.

    For LT8620, the peak efficiency is over 90%.

    Also, the quiescent current of LT8620 is much less and…

  • RE: Stingray X/Ku Phased Array referent schematic questions


    The DC regulator components are indeed on the BOM and the schematic. The schematic details the circuitry for all the DC rails, which are derived from an external +12 VDC supply via the P1/P2 connector. Links to the parts can be found on the wiki…